Getting Started Guide

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Create Flashcard Set

  1. If following along from the previous section of the guide skip to step 3, otherwise continue to step 2
  2. After signing in click the My Flashcards link in the menu bar
  3. From the My Sets tab click the New Flashcard Set button
  4. Fill in the Title and Description
  5. Fill in the Subject/Category
  6. Fill in the Education Level
  7. Choose whether to display the flashcard set within the Flashcard Library. If enabled the flashcard set will be viewable by all website users
  8. Under Advanced Sharing Options you can enable Private Sharing if you need to share your flashcards with users that do not have Flashcard Machine accounts or if you require a direct link to the flashcard set
  9. Under Advanced Sharing Options you can enable Collaborative Editing if you need to work collaboratively with other users that have Flashcard Machine accounts
  10. Finally click the Save Set Details button and you can begin to Create Flashcards
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