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Computer Networking
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Adv of client/server network

Centralized administration, one computer in control


Control over who signs on network with logon accounts and passwords


Problems can be handled and often fixed from one location


Severs are optimized to handle heavy processing loads


Easier to add more clients

Soft skills features

Customer relations- Being able to listen to a customers concerns and wishes and be able to guide that customer to a solution.  Without customers, a business will not survive, so customer rentention is very important.


Oral and written communications - Being able to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients is very important.  You may will need to submit written and oral business proposals, memos and be able to communicate with co-workers.


Dependability - People must be able to depend that you will be at work on time and that the you work will be of the highest standards.


Teamwork - Must be able to get along with your coworkers and help encourage a benefical work environment


Leadership abilities - You may need to have persuade collegues and be able to lead a team to acheive a goal

Difference b/w connection oriented and connectionless

Connection oriented protocols ensure data arrives exactly as it was sent, because they establish a connection with another node before they begin transmitting data


connectionless protocol does not establish a connection before transmitting and make no effort to ensure that data is delivered free of errors.   Good for live audio or video tranmissions

difference b/w packet and frame

Network layer accepts transport layer segments and adds logical addressing information, then the segment becomes a packet. 


The Data Link layer divides the data received from the Network layer into frames.  Frames are structured packages for moving data that includes raw data, senders and receivers network addresss, error checking and control information.


Baseband vs Broadband


Baseband is a transmission form in which digital signals are sent through direct current pulses applied to the wire.  Signals are transmitted one at a time.  Ethernet is an example of Baseband.


Broadband is a tranmission form in which signals are modulated as as radiofrequency analog waves that use different frequency ranges. It is multiplexed, used in DSL, cable and satellites tranmissions.


Populated and Unpopluated segments


Populated segment is a part of a network that contains end nodes.


Unpopulated segment or link segment does not contain end nodes.


Advantage of Fiber Optic Cable


Throughput is very fast,

High resistance to noise

Very Secure


Suitable for network backbones and for serving applications


Uses glass or plastic cores, instead of copper which will soon be short in supply


Session Layer


Coordinates and maintains communication between two nodes on the network.  It establishes communcation, keeps is secure, synchronized and determines when communciation has been terminated.

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