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How absolute was the French absolutist state?
Introduction-What revolution and what king
Versilles-nobles and nature
Goverment-revune, venial offices ignored parliament
Divine Right-great chain of being and
Who Started the French Revolution
Intro who might be at fault philsophers (enlightenment), peasants (popular uprising), bourgeoisie (same edu not same title) but was Louis 16 popular protest
1. Louis 15 abolished par and set universal tax, and Louis 16 calls the Assembly of Notables par becasue of grain crisis reject (free grain trade, stamp tax)Louis 15 did not call got universal tax passed
3. Estates Generals

2.Estates Generals
Not in 175 years led to tennis court oath which is bad becasue further polization and fired necker which led bastille
3. Oct5-6 Womens march allowing popular protest
Introduction- Article 4 of the declartion says every man can do whatever that does not harm another Equailty slavery, fratunty, nap's code and freemasons
1. Abolishment of Privlage aug 4 1789
can move up, tax privlages revoked, seigneruail gues abolsihed
2. 1791 Guilds Banned Le Chapelier Law
Freedom to own business and control market
3. Abolshed monary 9-10 1792
now could run the government and freedom to as they wish as a people not subjects, Legislative Assembly dissolved itself because they wanted a revolution monarchy
Why was Marie Antoinette executed?
Introducion Austrian, france at war on off hundreds of years, Austria in April of 1792, suspected of aiding the enemy and the Brumare Maifesto added to this theory
2. Paphlemt Royal Megiere 1789, she was a who thought she was whore and her and her entrorage were zoo animals because of their lavouis behvior. Said should go to Salpetriere-prison for crazy peopel and whores
1. Diamond Neckalce 1785 widespred dicredting of her, thought out at night only hoes out and she should be out in public or concerned with this expensive thing
3. After Louis Death on Jan 21 1773 thought she and son would be a ralying point attempt to end bloodline
Public/Private Change from 1715 to 1815
Only thing public in Old Regimen is king now thanks to enlightenment and freedom of econimc much more public
1. Free Market-guilds not commission but sell open markets, destoys estates everyone can buy
2. Print Media
Read a varity of books not just one
could not censor since better use of priting press
linked people to what was going on the Affice where people could see what was for sale
3. New Social institutions
Free masons-men get together to help
Cafe can buy one cup and talk all day
Salon public art was free
Con-French monarch eventually allowed the development of these institutions
Why did Nap invade Egypt
Intro-personal reasons and political reasons
1. Abolishment of Max caused massive debt, they just started printing off money and failed. people starving winter of 1794-95 was bad, need money Nap was winning and getting moeny, so said this would stop britians trade with asia but actully didn't
2. Volney-read when little, sounded like a wonderland, they lot's of history (brought historans, archs, and Alexander went their
3. Plague Antione Gross 1799
New they was tyranny their wanted to civil them. Had relogion tollarnce, abolshed toture, Colnoal Commison to bring back arts
Why did Directory Fail
Intro-Goverments prioties problems to concernned with coups
1. Failed to solve econ issues
inflation from maxuim, inflation going unchecked, no plunder or tribute, debt from past wars
2. Abusing Power
Coup of Frictidor Sept 4, 1797 annuls elections (roylsits won) and kicks two royalist off directory
lost credit after in 1798 the far left made gains and annulled those
3. Gave Nap too much power
lack of communstion he did what he wanted treaty Treaty of Campo Formio austria, needed money same as Egypt
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