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Early Attempts at Peacekeeping
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What did the League of Nations do to improve the international health situation?
  • They created the Public International Office of Hygiene: Leaders from different countries gather together to discuss issues of public health
  • Limited drug production and use
  • Trying to create a global healthy society and prevent the spread of epidemic diseases
Chaco War
  • Border disputes between Paraguay and Bolivia
  • These two countries want the Chaco region because it is oil- rich
  • A US oil company supported Paraguay and a Dutch oil company supported Bolivia
  • The war ended when both sides exhausted their resources
  • The Chaco Peace conferences was arranged by the involved parties in Buenos Aires in July 1938.
  • The league of nations was not involved
What did the League of Nations do to handle refugees following WWI?
  • They created the Nansen passport which allowed refugees to travel back to their homeland after the new countries were made
  • Was a success for the League
What did the League of Nations do to improve labour relations?
  • Created the Labour Unions: negotiates the labour contract with the employer
  • ILO (International Labour Organization) was founded by the League of Nations which dealt with labour issues, particularly international labour standards and decent work for all.
  • Success for the league
Greece Vs. Bulgaria
  • Long lasting border disputes between Greece and Bulgaria
  • Greek man crossed the border while chasing his dog
  • Bulgarian sentry shot the man
  • Greece invaded Bulgaria
  • League got involved by ordering a cease fire, greek troops to withdraw and Greece had to pay compensation 
  • Success for the League
What did the League of Nations do to resolve the conflicts that repeatedly arose between states regarding slave trade?
  • They were the first international body to create a slavery convention
  • Temporary Slavery Commission: put in place to investigate and make recommendations accordingly
  • Slavery convention put in place in 1926
  • The League failed because they did not create a government body, no enforcement or regulation and no universal set of laws
Aaland Islands (1921)
  • Conflict over islands between Finland and Sweden
  • The League came in to prevent war 
  • made the decision that the islands went to Finland but Swedish got guaranteed rights to a portion of the islands
  • successfully resolved the conflict creating lasting peace between Sweden and Finland
What did the League do to deal with Drug Trafficking?
  • League created OAC ( Opium Advisory Committee)
  • Two conferences were set to decide on drug trafficking
  • The first conference focused on only opium and opium manufacturing countries, second conference was more global and involved in a wider variety of drugs
  • 1925 Geneva convention 
  • Turning point to making drug trafficking illegal
Vilnius (1919)
  • Lithuanian and Polish war
  • Poland and Lithuania had a common enemy of Russia so Poland asked them to join their country and become one Poland
  • Lithuania refused
  • 1920- Soviet- Lithuania Peace treaty that Poland didn't know of
  • Lithuania was helping Russia fight Poland
  • Vilnius was land that both countries wanted
  • In the end Vilnius was given to Poland but Lithuania still claims it as their capital
  • The dispute is still in occurence
  • Italian General was murdered while doing work for the League in Greece
  • Mussolini was angry and invaded the Greece
  • The League condemned Mussolini and told him to leave Corfu
  • He refused, so the League changed their decision and told the Greeks that they had to apologize to the Italians and pay compensation
  • Failure of the League because Mussolini was able to overrule them
How did the League deal with economic problms?
  • Organized a conference in 1920 to attempt to find a solution
  • They established an economic and financial organization
  • There is a fiscal committee that discussed general issues related to tax
  • Economic committee had a lot to do with trade the surrounding policies
  • In the following years the League assisted many European countries economically
  • The Great Depression then affected Europe, showing that the League had failed
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