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Ch2 Hardware Basics
Computer system
Computer Networking
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Central Processing Unit( CPU)


Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)


Memory unit












CPU- The processor


ALU- Is the sector of the CPU that performs the mathematical calculations that are required in many data processing programs


Memory unit- Allows storage of information,is internal to the computer, and is diveided into two types of memory RAM and ROM


RAM-Is the temporary memory that is designed to hold new data and is available only while the computer is turned on


ROM- Is the permanent internal memory iside the systen, is inaccessibly by the user, and is used to store the instructions that are installed or programmed at the manufacturer







Input devices


Output devices


Storage devices



Bits- Is the smallest unit of binary information (8 bites=1 bytes)


Bytes- Can represent one alphabetic or one numberic chatacter of information


Input devices- Allow the input data into the computer. EX: keyboards, mice, scanners, graphics tablets, microphones, digital cameras, PDAs,Web cam, electronic whiteboards, clickers, and cell phones


Output devices- Produce the data after it has been processed in hard copy or soft copy.Ex: texted documents, graphics, or multimedia. It is commonly found in classrooms, includes computer monitos, printers, speakers, projection unit, document cameras, interactive whiteboards, and portable media player


Storage devices-Allow storage of data for later use. Includes internal storage options( hard disk drive) and external storage options(DVD, CD, USB) 





Parallel port


USB port


Ethernet port


Firewire port


Port- Any device that is used to communicate with a computer system and the connection is made through an opening


Parallel port- Is used to connect a computer to a printer


USB port- Universal way to connect an array of devices and provide faster transfer of information to printers, scanners, digital cameras, storage drives,modems,speakers, and other devices


Ethernet port- Is used for high-speed cooneciton to the internet or another network. Ex: intranet or internal network


Firewire port- Provide a very fast connection to transfer large amounts of data quickly



Computer monitors ( screens or displays)


Monitor size


Alternate keyboards




moisture guards





The most common output device. They display information on the scree, where it can be edited and sent to the priter.


Is measured diagonally from corner to corner


It offer input options in size, layout, and complexity


Hard plastic covers with holes for each key


Thin sheets of plastic that protect keyboards from spills and any unwanted liquid




Adjustable wand or stick


PAC mate


Braille translator


Anti-glare filters


Monitor mounts[image]


Is designed for students who cannot used their hands to access the keyboard


Is a PDA designed for blind or low-vision users


A software product that converts text, either obtained by scanning or produced by a word processor into braille


Clear screens that fit over a computer monitor to reduce glare from overhead lights and large windows


Allow the placement of the monitor in the more easily seen position



Document cameras


Storage services






Portable media players


They display slides, transparencies, text, documents, 3D objects, and microscopic objects


Allow storage of data for later use


The brightness of the projector is measured in


Are built into the computer  or monitor, and others are external to the computer and must be plugged into ports at the back of the computer


This portable device that store an dplay audio such as music or podcasts and or audio and video



Touch pads/ track balls


Optional character reognition


Head phones




Tablet computer


Serve as the mouse on some laptop computers


It converts texts


Is used when individual students are using multimedia programs that include sounds


Tiny camera that is sits on/ is part of a computer


Complete computer syster in a slate format The user can make notes usig a stylus or digital pen o a touch screen


[image]Classroom response system or "clicker"






Dots per inch(DPI)


Laser printers


Is a handled device that resembles a TV remote that allows students to respond to questions posted by the instructors


Single colored square on the screen


Outputs the data after in has been proceessed in what is called hard copy


The resolution is measured in this


This type of printer produce highest quality output


[image]Compact disc options


USB hub


Blu-ray disc


Application software


screen magnifier


Has variety of external hard disk drives


When have more than USB devices than USB ports, this can provides additional ports


Newest disc technologies, having the same appearance as the other discs


Allows the computer to carry out specific functions, such as word processing, creation of databases and speadsheets, and so on


Fits over the computer monitor and magnify the images that appear on the screen




[image]Alternative labels


Touch screens


Speech output software


System software


Instructional software



Are taped or glued to tops of frequently used keys in the standard keyboard


Is not only commonly used in grocery self-checkouts but are also available for computers in the form of a device that is either placed on the monitor or built into it


Audibly speaks screen content and commands


In order to function, a computer must have software that tells the computer what to do


This is a category of software whci presents content in tutorial, simulation, instructional game, problem solving, and drill and practie forms



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