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California Indian Profile
Mission Era
Mission Era
Purpose was to convert all the Native Americans to Christianity
To protect frontier
Displaced many of the Indians from their land and used them for labor
Disease lowered the number of Native Americans greatly
They set it up because they didn’t want to not have any people up in Alta California to make sure nobody could take over it
The catholics were more concerned with conversion than the protestants were
Spanish California Profile
After Mexico Gained independence they forced many of the Spanish people who lived there or moved recently out because
Also anyone still sort of loyal to spain
1810 revolution in mexico
Started by a couple of preists of mixed ancestry
Revolution against the ideology of colonialism
Other revolutions set the stage as well
France and American
1821 independence
1824 the republic of Mexico established
Leads to rancho and pastoral period and then start next part of essay with that
Mexican California Profile
After independence gained in 1821 Things changed
Ranchos turned into cattle ranches run by dons
Opened ports of San diego and monterray for trade
Americans started coming in
Trappers, Trader, and trail blazers
Tensions came about with more and more americans
Jose Maria Echeandia- Governor
Jedediah smith came to west
Enchaendia jailed him for 6 weeks and then told him to leave the same way he came
Scared of more americans coming
Bear Flag Revolt
1830’s more and more interest in CA from Americans
Polk westward expansion
Castro told freemont get out of CA
Mariano Vallejo
Held the Sonoma fort for mexico but surrendered
He was taken prisoner after he signed this surrender to William b. Ide
Mexican War 1846
Disputed area by rio grande
South and west wanted more slave territory
Cahuenga Capitlation-took the Mexicans out of CA and made it part of USA
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