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Why did California's petitioning for state hood cause a scare in the South?
Explain why?
B/c California petitions for statehood with NO provision for slavery

B/c there wew 15 free & 15 slave states it was even but if California came in as a free state then the free state would outnumber the slave states and could vote to do away with slavery
hat was Popular Sovereignty and why was President Zachary Taylor in favor of it?
it was the idea that you just don't mention the slavery issue and just let california come in and then deal with the slavery issue by letting the people vote.
Pres. Taylor-didn't care about slavery issue he is worried about the growth of the country and didn't want slavery to get in the way
Why did the south start threatening to leave the Union and what was the solution to this?
b/c California was coming in as a free state

Compromise of 1850
Who propossed the Compromise of 1850 bill?
What did the bill state abouth slavery in California, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington D.C.?
Henry Clay

California would come into Union Free
New Mexico & Utah would decide slavery by "Popular Soveriegnty"
Washington D.C. would end "slave trade" in DC but not slavery (Just stop the slave auctions)
What new law was part of the Compromise of 1850?

What did the law do?

How did President Taylor feel about this law and why did he end up doing nothing?
New Fugitive Slave Law- it provided for capture of slaves who escaped and made it to the north(runaway slave) and it also allowed a bounty to be put on a slaves lead briging about boutnyhunters
taylor said he would VETO any compromise Bill b/c he thought we didn't need all the extra stuff but Taylor DIES in office
Who comes into office as President after Taylor's death? What was he called?
Millard Fillmore

Deal Maker
Who decided to break the Compromise Bill into 4 different bills?
Why?What was his plan? did it work?
Stephen A. Douglas

-get 1 or 2 Senators to not vote on certian bills and only the parts they wanted would be passed into laws

YES compromise signed and passed into law and Union was saved
What did the Fugitive Slave Act 1850 call for?
What did this do to North & South?
What did blacks in North do?
Runaway slaves making it North had to be returned

Polarized norht and south greatly

Blacks in NOrth fearful so join up with Abolistionist Movement and make it stronger
How many Blacks does the north lose as a result of the Fugitive Slave Act and Where did they go?
20,000 black moved to Canada
What book first appeared in 1850 and sold millions of copies?
Who wrote it and what inspired them to write it?
What did this book do?

What was it about?
Uncle TOms Cabin By Harriett Beechers Stowe

She was inspired by he Fugitive Slave Act

IT tied together certian components to pull people into the Abolistionist Movement

About Christian slave Tom and his sadistic mast on louisiana plantation who was originally from Vermont
Who was Fredrick Douglas and what did he do?
Exslave who escaped from Maryland and learned to read and write
He gave speeches in the north and bacame the Face of Slavery

Her helped form National Black Convention in NY in response to Fugitive Slave Law
Stowe put several Mulattoes un Uncle Toms Cabin to show what?

How did this book transform Abolitionism?
to show what was being done to the female slaves

Transformed it respectfully
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