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Active Directory Lesson 5
Microsoft Server 2008 AD
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A(n) ___ can only contain members from within the same domain.
global group
You can use the ___ utility to import data from Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files
Each user and group object has a(n) ___, which must be unique across an entire Active Directory domain.
SAM account name
The Anonymous Logon group is an example of a(n) ___
special identity group
You can use the ___ command-line utility to create and modify Active Directory objects
When users log on to Active Directory, they receive a(n) ___ consisting of all of their security group memberships
access token
A local user is stored in the ___ database of the computer on which it was created
Security Account Manager (SAM)
Each CSV file needs to begin with a(n) ___ when used with the CSVDE command-line tool.
header record
A(n) ___ can only be used to send and receive email, not to secure network resources
distribution group
___ is the practice of adding one group as a member of another group
Group nesting_
Which special identity group controls anonymous access to resources in Windows Server 2008?
a. Everyone
b. Network
c. Interactive
d. Anonymous Logon
Anonymous Logon

Prior to Windows Server 2003, the Anonymous Logon group was a member of the Everyone group, which had the potential to create significant security liabilities. Beginning in Windows Server 2003, anonymous access must be configured separately from access granted to the Everyone group
What defines the types of objects that can belong to a particular group and the types of resources that group can be used to secure?
a. Group scope
b. Group security
c. Special Identity group
d. security group
Group scope

The domain local group scope can contain users or groups from any domain in the forest, but can only be used to secure resources in the same domain as the group. The global group scope can contain only users or groups from the same domain as the group, but can be used to secure resources from any domain in the forest. The universal group scope can contain users or groups from any domain in the forest and can be used to secure resources in any domain in the forest
What technique is used to configure one security group as a member of another security group?
a. Group security
b. Group nesting
c. Group overloading
d. Group scope
Group nesting

If GroupB is nested within GroupA, the members of GroupB will receive the same
permissions that have been assigned to GroupA
The Administrator and Guest user accounts are examples of
a. Special identity user account
b. Administrative user account
c. Built-in user account
d. Domain user account
Built-in user account

Built-in user accounts can be local accounts or domain accounts, depending on whether you are working with a member server or an Active Directory domain controller
Which command-line tool can be used to create various object types within Active Directory?
a. dsget
b. dsquery
c. dsadd
d. dsmove

Use the dsadd command-line utility to quickly create a computer, contact, group,
organizational unit, user, or Active Directory quota object within an Active Directory domain.
Which input file format allows you to create, modify, and delete objects within Active Directory?
a. LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF)
b. Comma Separated Value (CSV)
c. Tab-delimited Text (TXT)
d. Microsoft Excel (XLS)
LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF)

Unlike CSVDE, the LDIF format allows you to use the LDIFDE command-line utility to
create, modify, and delete Active Directory objects. CSVDE only allows you to create objects
Which group type allows you to assign permissions to resources, as well as receive messages via Active Directory-enabled email applications such as Microsoft Exchange?
a. Distribution group
b. Exchange group
c. Permissions group
d. Security group
Security group

Security groups serve a dual purpose in Active Directory, allowing administrators to use them to secure resources and use them as email distribution lists. Distribution groups, by contrast, can be used only for the purposes of receiving email messages
Which group scope can contain users and groups from any domain within an Active Directory forest, but can be used only to secure resources located within the same domain as the group itself?
a. Domain group
b. Global group
c. Domain local group
d. Universal group
Domain local group

Following the practice of AGUDLP, the domain local group is the group scope within Active Directory that contains global or universal groups from all domains; it is actually used to secure the resource in question
Which account type is configured on an Active Directory domain controller and can be used to grant access to resources on any domain-joined computer?
a. Domain local account
b. Global account
c. Domain account
d. Local account
Domain Account

Active Directory domain accounts are created and managed on domain controllers or from workstations that have the necessary administrative tools installed. Domain accounts can be used to gain access to resources domain-wide without maintaining multiple local accounts on individual computers
What can be used to run script files using VBScript or JScript from the Windows desktop or from a command prompt?
a. Visual Basic
b. Windows Scripting Host (WSH)
c. Visual Basic Express
d. Windows Scripting Engine
Windows Scripting Host (WSH)

The Windows Scripting Host (WSH) uses the wscript.exe runtime program to run scripts
using the Windows desktop graphical user interface and script.exe to use a command-line interface
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