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1) Subliminal

2) Suborn

3) Subpoena

4) Subservient

5) Subsume

6) Subterfuge

7) Succor

8) Succulent

9) Suffragist

10) Suffuse


1) Below the threshold. We may not be aware of the subliminal influences that affect our thinking

2) Persuade to act unlawfully. In the Godfather, the mobsters used bribary and threats to suborn the witness against Don Micheal Corneleone

3) Writ summoning a witness to appear. The prosecutor's office was ready to serve a subpoena on the reluctant witness.

4) Behaving like a slave, servile, obsequious. She was proud and dignified, she refused to be subservient to any one.

5) Include, encompass. Does the general theory of relativity contradicts Newtonian physics or the Newton's law of gravity subsumed into Einstein's larger scheme?

  6) Pretense, evasion. As soon as we realized that you won our support by subterfuge, we withdrew our endorsement of your candidancy.

7) Aid, assist, comfort. If you believe that con man has come here to succor you for your hour of need, you are even a bigger sucker than I have thought.

8) Juicy, full of richness. To some people, Florida citrus fruits are more succulent than those from california.

9) Advocate of voting rights. In recognition of her efforts to win the vote for woman, the congress authorized coining a silver dollar honoring the suffragist Susan B. Anthony.

10) Spread over. A blash suffused her chicks when we teased her about her love affair.


1) Sully

2) Sumptuous

3) Superannuated

4) Supercilious

5) Supererogatory

6) Supersede

7) Supine

8) Supple

9) Supplicant

10) Supposititious


1) Tarnish, soil. He felt that it was beneath his dignity to sully his hands in menial labor

2) Lavish, rich. I can not recall when I have had such a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast.

3) Retired or disqualified because of age; outmoded, obsolete. Don't call me superannuated, I can still perform good day's work.

4) Haughty, arrogant, condescening, patronizing. The supercilious headwaiter sneered to the customers who he thought did not fit to a image of the restaurant catering to a ultrafashioned crowd.

  5) Superflous, more than needed or demanded. We have more than enough witness to corroborate your statement, to present more would be supererogatory.

6) Replace, cause to be set aside. Bulk mailing postal regulation supersedes the bulk mailing postal regulation 326D.

7) Lying on back, Passive. The defeated pugilist lay supine in the canvas.

8) Flexible, limber, pliant. Years of Yoga exercise made Grace's body supple

9) One who supplicate (petition humbly, pray to grant a favor)

10) Assumed, counterfeit, hypothetical. I find no similarity between your supposititous illustration and the problems we are facing.


1) Surfeit

2) Surmount

3) Surreptitious

4) Suture

5) Swarthy

6) Swathe

7) Swelter

8) Swerve

9) Swill

10) Sybarite


1) Satiate; feed or supply to excess; stuff; indulge to excess of anything. Every thanksgiving we are surfeited with an overabundance of holiday treats.

2) Overcome. I know you can surmount any difficulties that can come on your way of getting your education.

3) Done secretly, furtive, sneaky, hidden. Hoping to discover where his mom had hidden the christmas presents, Tommy took a surreptitious peek into the master bedroom closet.

4) Stiches sewn to hold the cut edges of a wound, incision, material used in sewing. We remove the sutures as soon the wound heals.

5) Dark, dusky; Despite the stereotype not all the Italians are swarthy, some of them are fair and blond.

6) Swath, wrap around. When I visited him in the hospital I found him swathed in bandages.

7) Suffer from oppressive heat. I am going to buy an air-condition unit as I do not intend to swelter through another hot and humid summer.

8) Deviate, turn aside sharply. The car swerved wildly as the driver struggled to regain control of it.

9) Drink greedily.

10) Lover of luxury, person devoted to pleasure and luxury. Rich people are not alwyas sybarites, they have the little tastes for a life of luxury


1) Syllogism

2) Sylvan

3) Tactile

4) Taint

5) Talon

6) Tantamount


1) Logical formula consists of a major premise, a minor premise and conclusion. There must be a fallacy in this syllogism, I can not accept it's conclusion.

2) Pertaining to the woods, rustic. His paintings of nymphs on the sylvan background has been criticized as oversentimental.

3) Pertaining to the organs or sense of touch. His callused hands had lost their tactile sensitivities.

4) Contaminate, cause to lose purity, modify with a trace of something bad. One speck of dirt on your utensiles may contain enough germs to taint an entire batch of preserves.

5) Claw of bird.

6) Equivalent in effect or value. This invasion is a tantamount to a declaration of war.

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