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1) Somber


3) Sophistry

4) Soporific

5) Spangle

6) Spartan

7) Spasmodic

8) Spat

9) Spate

10) Spatula



1) Gloomy, depressing. From the Doctor's grim expression, I could tell he has somber news

2) Teacher of philosophy, quibbler. You are using all the devices of sophist in trying to prove your case; your argument is specious

3) Seemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning. Instead of advancing valid arguments he tried to overwhelm his audience with a flood of sophistries

4) Sleep causing. Professor Pringle's lecture was so soporific that even he fell asleep in the class

5) Small metallic piece swen to clothes for ornamentation. The thousands of spangles in her clothes sparkled in the glare of the stage lights

6) Lacking luxury and comfort, sternly disciplined. Only his spartan sense of duty kept him at his post

7) Fitful, periodic. The spasmodic coughing in the auditorioum annoyed the performers

8) Squabble, minor dispute. What had started out as a  mere spat escalated into a full blown argument

9) Sudden flood. I am worried about the possibility of a spate if rains do not diminish soon.

10) Broad bladed instrument used for spreading or mixing.


1) Specious

2) Spruce

3) Spry

4) Spurn

5) Squabble

6) Squalor

7) Staccato

8) Staid

9) Stanch

10) Stealth



1) Seemingly reasonable but incorrect; misleading. To claim that, because houses and birds both have wings, both can fly is a extremely specious reasoning.

2) Neat and trim. Every button buttoned, tie firmly in place, young Keaton looked spruce and tidy for his job interview in bank.

3) Vigorously active, nimble. She was 80 years old, but still spry and alert

4) Reject, scorn. The Heroine spurn the villians advances

5) Minor quarrel, bickering. Children invariably get involved in petty squabbles; wise parents know when to interfere and when to let children work things on their own.

6) Filth, degradation, dirty, neglected state

7) Played in an abrupt manner, marked by abrupt sharp sound. His staccato speech reminded one of the sound of a machine gun

8) Sober, sedate. Her conduct during the funeral ceremony was staid and solemn.

9) Check the flow of blood. It is imperative that we stanch the gushing wound before we attend to the other injuries.

10) Slyness, sneakiness, secretiveness. Fearing detection by the sentries on duty, the scout inched his way towards the enemy camp with great stealth.


1) Stentorian


2) Stickler


3) Stifle


4) Stilted


5) Stint


6) Stipple


7) Stodgy


8) Stoic


9) Stoke


10) Stratagem





1) Extremely loud. The town crier had a stentorian voice

2) Perfectionist, person who insists things to be exactly right. The internel revenue service agent is a stickler for accuracy; no approximations, no estimation satisfies him.

3) Suppress, extinguish, inhibit. Halfway through the boring lecture, Laura gave up trying to stiffle her yawns

4) Bombastic, stiffly pompous. His stilted rhetoric did not impress the college audience, they were immune to bombastic utterances.

5) Be thrifty, set limits. "Spare no expense", the bride's father said, refusing to stint on the wedding arrangements.

6) Paint or draw with dots

7) Stuffy, boringly conservative. For a young person Winston seems remarkably stodgy, you'd expect someone on his age have little more life.

8) Impassive, unmoved by joy or grief.

9) Stir up a fire, feed plentifully. As a scout, Marisa learned how to light a fire, how to stoke it when it dies and how to extinguish it completely.

10) Clever trick, deceptive scheme. What a gem of a stratagem! Watson, I have a plan to trick Moriarty into revealing himself.



1) Striated




2) Stricture




3) Strut




4) Stultify




5) Stupefy




6) Stygian




7) Stymie




8) Suavity




9) Subjugate



1) Marked with parallel bands; grooved. The glacier left many striated rocks

2) Critical comments, severe and adverse criticism. His strictures on the authors style are prejudiced and unwarranted

3) Pompous walk, supporting bar. The engineer calculated that the strut supporting the rafter needed to be reinforced.

4) Cause to appear or become stupid or inconsistent, frustrate or hinder.

5) Make numb, stun, amaze. Laura refused to take sleeping pills or any other medicine that might stupefy her.

6) Gloomy, hellish, deathly. Shielding the flickering candle from any threatening draft, Tom and Becky descended into the stygian darkness of the underground carven.

  7) Present an obstacle, stamp. The detective was stymied by the contradictory evidence in the robbery investigation.

8) Urbanity, Polish. He is particularly good in roles that require suavity and sophistication.

9) Conquer, bring under control. It is not our duty to subjugate our foes, we are particularly interested in establishing peaceful relations.

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