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Weight Lifting
10th Grade

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Warm up is essential to any lifting
Today for warm-up we are going to do the following:
Station rotation. we will have six stations around the gym.
1- Jump rope 30 reps. at a strong pace.
2- push-ups 10 reps.
3- medicine ball toss. 10 reps. against the wall.
4- hurdle drill over 6 hurdles. 4 reps
5- Air squats 10 reps.
6- sit -ups 15 reps.
We will rotate through all 6 stations 3 times.
I will divide you all into 6 groups.
Now we need to stretch.
I will pick two students to lead the class through our routine stretching procedure.
There will be focus on the stretching of the legs, since today we will be doing the Squat lift.
As the students are stretching I will move about the gym making suggestion to individual students on proper stretching technique. Hoping to help the better understand the importance on a good stretch, minimizing injury.
The Squat lift.
We will enter the weight room.
I will demonstrate a proper Squat for the students.
The students will go to their designated stations and perform the squat with only a 45lb. bar.
This will teach the muscles the motion that is need to perform a correct squat lift.
Once the students have the technique mastered, we will begin to add weight according to their abilities. The first time will be very light to reduce injury.
The students will do 10 reps @ 50% of their body weight then a 2nd set of 10 reps @ 60% of their body weight.
In the walls of the weight room are tables that give the students the % of every measured weight needed to calculate these percentages.
proper warm down: Jog 5 laps around the gym and a light stretch. (routine)
After Action Review:
This is a time to discuss what was learned and form an open dialogue with the students.
Question I would propose would be:
1- What safety measures need to be made to ensure safety?
2- What is the benefit of doing the squat lift?
3- Did you like it and is it a lift you would like to continue?
I could make and exit slip with these questions.
Note to myself:
Safety first
Full participation
Be aware of the students and always encourage.
Have detailed lifting program for the future that will increase the students ability to improve and reach their max potential in the Squat Lift.
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