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Website Design
Lecture 2
Computer Science
Undergraduate 3

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Name (6) user requirements when starting a website
• Demographic information
• Domain Knowledge
• Computing Experience
• Computing Environment
• Content
• Benchmarking; who are what website are you bring compared against
Name (4) types of access you have to gather requirements
o Face-to-face
o Email addresses
o Snail mail (postal) services
o Web access
Name (3) advantages to surveys and what you should provide on said surveys
• Allow (mostly) structured questions to a large number or target users
• May ask many types of questions
o Close-ended (true or false)
o Open-ended (short answer)
o Ranking (on a scale from 1-10)
o Likert scale (agree-neither-disagree)
• Can use many formats: paper, phone, email, web

• Should provide the respondent with
o The survey purpose
o Its importance
o Who is performing the survey
• Test the survey before general release
Discuss survey types, as well as advantages and disadvantages
• Phone and paper add the burden of recording the results electronically for analysis, but can reach people who do not have/use the internet
• Email can be done in the body of the message or with attachments, but many people are leery of attachments
• People can alter email
• Web surveys need some sort of processing scripts
o Program your own scripts
o Download and customize existing scripts
o Use a website that hosts surveys and polls (generally supported by advertising or small fees)
o Hire a firm to produce the survey
Name (3) things you can do to make your survey successful
• Proof-read and usability test the survey carefully
• Make the survey error-proof
o Force answers when necessary – don’t if not
o Make range and scale answers mutually exclusive
• Make the survey accessible to different browsers and hardware
Name (3) ways you can reach survey users
• Announce the survey on forums and mailing lists for targeted users
• Give sufficient time to answer but not so much it loses importance
• Send polite reminders with deadlines re-emphasizing the purpose and importance
Discuss focus groups and what should be done to improve the process
• A discussion amongst 4 to 12 targeted users
• Multiple focus groups provide better balance – groups can be biased
• A few basic questions to start the discussion – let ideas flow
• A moderator manages the group
• Someone else records or takes notes
• Chat rooms or blogs can also be used to run focus groups
Describe what prototyping is and what should be done with the prototype
• Making a mock-up of a website on paper
• Have a user work with it as though it was real – you be the browser
• Record users’ actions, reactions, and opinions
• A simple prototype can be changed on the spot
• Use prototype as a template for website
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