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Wall Sits, PACER, Push Ups, Crunches, Basketball
8th Grade

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Wall Sits
1)feet are together, flat and far enough away from the wall so your shins go straight down (perpindicular) to the floor.

2)quadriceps are flat (parallel to the ground), so if you placed something on them, that object would not fall

3)head and shoulders stay against the wall, no leaning forward

4)arms and hands stay off of legs and lap. they can be out in front of you or against the wall
(Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) Test
1)Distance – grades K-3 – 15 meters, grades 4-8 – 20 meters

2)Beeps – two different kinds of beeps, regular beep and beep each minute that notes level increase (run at both beeps)

3.)Misses – one free miss, out if you miss a beep/line a second time

4)High Scores this year were: 15m - Ryan Sheehan (63), Megan Davison (43); 20m - Kyle Kostek (86) and Brigid Keane (76)
Push Ups
1Back stays straight so if a glass of water was on it, nothing would spill

2.)Only the arms move/bend when going down and up

3)Down position should have the inside of your elbow at a 90 degree angle
(like fitness test)
1)Fingers stay touching shoulders
2)Elbows out away from your body
3)Feet flat, knees bent
4)Go up (lift with abdominals, keep neck straight) until your elbow touches your quadriceps then go back down soshoulders touch floor
1) Passing – 3 types

a. Chest – “step and push”, step towards teammate and push ball with 2 hands from your chest to your teammates

b. Bounce – “step and push”, step towards teammate and push ball with 2 hands from your chest to the gym floor so it bounces closer to your teammate than yourself

c. Outlet – overhead, baseball or football throw – used to move the ball up the court quickly. Can be done with one or two hands. One hand throw simulates throwing style of a football quarterback or baseball player.


a. Balance – body is facing target (basket) and feet are on floor and pointed in same direction (feet are “set”)

b. Elbow – shooting (dominant) hand/arms elbow is in near body so you’re holding the ball like a waiter holds a tray. Guide hand then holds side of the ball.

c. Eyes – can see basket. Ball is not directly in front of eyes

d. Follow Through – Knees go from bent to straight and at the same time, the guide hand releases before the shooting arm is fully extended. Snap your wrist down so fingers point to the ground (wave good-bye to the ball)

3) Dribbling

a. Fingertips – make hands big and push ball directly down to the ground with your fingertips

b. Waist High – with knees bent, push ball down and dribble again at waist height

c. Eyes – should be looking up to see: basket, teammates and defense
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