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The Code of Hammurabi
Function: A summary of 282 Sumerian laws
L: The Louvre
A: Babylonians
S/O: A set of 282 laws inscribed on a seven foot stele placed in the temple Marduk
H.B: Hammurabi ruled Babylon and was the most famous Amorite tribal king. He gained control of the lower Euphrates valley
Rebellious Silence
F/P: Expresses abstract thoughts of women
A.C: Ink on photograph
S/O: describes a women in a hajah with word on her face and a pistol between her left and right side
H.B: Iranians islamic revolution of 1979, women of war and their stance
Icon: describes the social issues ranging from stereotypes to war in a womens point of view in their work
Extra Information: Shows womens role in society
Jade Cong
Function: A ritual object
Location: Liangzhu,china
Artistic choices: In a form of ancient chinese like faces, which may be related to the tao tie designs later found on bronze vessels
Tutankhamun's Tomb, innermost coffin
Function: A death mask of the minor king to show his role as a great warrior
Location/audience: Thebes,Egypt,DynastyXVIII,ca. New Kingdom.Audience is for the King Tut himself
Artistic Choices: Gold with inlay of semiprecious stones
Subject/Occasion: King Tut is shown larger than all other figures. Hieratical scale defines him as the most powerful
Iconography: King Tuts power and representation as a warrior during war .
Dome Of Rock
function: mosque
L/A: Jerusalem, Palestine
A.C: Islamic architecture, stone masonry
S/O: Gold dome, marble interior marks the coming of new religion to the city, scared to both jews and christians
H.B: First dome shrine built, during crusade became christian shrine before returning to islamic hands.
Icon: Persian tiles on the exterior and marble slabs interior, ocataginal plan. Represents a symbolic statement to both Jews and Christians of the superiority of th new faith of Islam
R.T.C: Islam
Longmen Caves
Location: Luoyang, China
A.C: Buddhist Art , Limestone
S/O: the xiangshan and longmenshan mountains, running east and west
H.B: The images that were once painted, were carved into caves from the limestone cliffs
Potrait of Sin Sukju
Function: Political Propaganda
L/A: Imperial Bureau of painting
Artistic Choices: Ink, pigments, silk
S/O: hanging scroll (ink and colors on silk). Sin Sukju is in the green official uniform
H.B: Sin Sukju was a prominent political figure, serving under six kings; the materials the work is consisted and demand
Icon: used as a political propaganda to display the amount of power possessed by an influential politician which is evidence of the evolution of art being utilized to convey deeper political intentions
R.T.C: Joseon
Function: Ceremonies and battles
Location: Hawaii
A.C: Basalt boulders/prismatic columns
S/O: "red garments" used for men in battle/ceremonies. Small shape neckline/black feathers
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Function: To honor those in Armed forces
Location: Washington D.C, USA
A.C: Photo Emuision
S/O: over 58,000 names of people who died and didnt make it home
H.B: Over 58,000 Americans were killed while 300,000 Americans were injured during the vietnam war (1955-1975)
Icon: A symbol of American honor and respect to those who sacrificed themselves and fought in the vietnam war.
R.T.C: Modernism
Artist: Maya Lin
Old Mans Cloth
Function: reminder of history of trade between Europe and Africa
A.C: Shifting grid of strips and blocks of color, internal maps, melds into gold bands, black and silver rows, Aluminum and copper wires
S/O: maps, vertical gold bands, black and silver rows, red piece floating in a field of black, hangs like tapestry
H.B: Old Mans cloth has been constructed from flattened liquor bottle labels that the artist collects near his home in southern Nigeria
Icon: Bottle caps from alcoholic beverages= reminds viewer of slave. Gold color: The Gold Coast( british colony which is now Ghana)
R.T.C: Historical Abstract
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