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Unit 11-1
Crime Scene

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#1 – Describe the primary responsibilities of the first responder to a crime scene.
• Officer Safety
• Render Aid
#2 – Describe measures the officer can take to control contamination at a crime scene.
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Change gloves often
• Keep your DNA off crime scene
• Don’t use anything in the crime scene
#5 – Recognize the difference between class and individual evidence characteristics.
• Class characteristics
o Traits or characteristics of evidence that allow the item to be compared with a group
o Shared by all members of its class
• Individual characteristics
o Traits or characteristics of an item of evidence that allows the item to be compared with a specific object or person
o The comparison will determine whether or not the item originated from the object or person (i.e., allows for individualization of evidence)
#7 – Describe chain of custody.
• Labeling evidence
• Factors to show integrity of evidence in the chain of custody
o Evidence collected at a crime scene is the same as presented in court
o The item must not be altered or changed
o Chain must be maintained in order to document reasons why any party has dealt with the evidence
• Information a chain of custody must reflect
o Who found or had contact with the evidence
o To whom the evidence was given
o Reason the evidence was given to that person
o When and by whom the evidence was returned
o Where and how the evidence was stored until taken to court
o Any changes which were made to the evidence
• Paperwork for the chain of custody must remain with the evidence
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