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Power plant/unit
A power plant/unit is a facility that generates electric power. Several power units at
one site comprise one power plant, whereby a power unit is characterized by the fact that it can operate
independently of the other power units at the same site. Where several identical power units (i.e. with the
same capacity, age and efficiency) are installed at one site, they may be considered as one single power
Grid power plant/unit
Power plant/unit that supplies electricity to an electricity grid and, if applicable,
to specific consumers.
Off-grid power plant/unit
Power plant/unit that supplies electricity to specific consumers through a
dedicated distribution network which is not used by any other power plants. For a power plant to be
categorized as off-grid, the following conditions need be fulfilled:
(i) A grid (or grids) capable of supplying power to the specific consumer(s) to which the off-grid
facility is connected must exist;
(ii) The off-grid facility is not connected to the grid(s) and cannot supply power to the grid(s),
but only to the consumer(s) to which it is connected;
(iii) Under normal conditions, the consumer(s) are supplied their power requirements from the
grid only, i.e. the off-grid plant(s) which are connected to the consumer(s) are standby on-site
facility(ies) that are only used when power supply from the grid fails (or in many cases, when
the quality of power supply to the end-user is below acceptable quality);
(iv) To ensure a sound shift from the grid supply to the off-grid supply the consumer have in
place a change-over-switch system (which may be manual or automatic).
Net electricity generation
refers to the difference between the total quantity of electricity generated by
the power plant/unit and the auxiliary electricity consumption (also known as parasitic load) of the power
plant/unit (e.g. for pumps, fans, controlling etc).
Grid/project electricity system
is defined by the spatial extent of the power plants that are physically
connected through transmission and distribution lines to the project activity (e.g. the renewable power
plant location or the consumers where electricity is being saved) and that can be dispatched without
significant transmission constraints.
Connected electricity system
is an electricity system that is connected by transmission lines to the project
electricity system. Power plants within the connected electricity system can be dispatched without
significant transmission constraints but transmission to the project electricity system has significant
transmission constraint.
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