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  •   Be able to know and discuss the significances of Communion given in class




  •    A memorial to Christ


  •  Pledge of the new covenant


  •    Proclaiming Christ’s Death


  •   Prophecy of Christ’s Second coming


  •    Fellowship of Christ and His Own




·      Be able to list and discuss the general steps a pastor takes when he is informed someone has died




o   1. Contact Next of Kin (living)


o   2 Help them plan the Funeral


o   3 Help them while providing the utmost compassion


o   4 Organize food for the family of the deceased


o   5 Keep in touch (keep personal but stay professional)


o   6 Prepare for the funeral


o   7 Keep in touch w/ family (follow-up)




·      Be able to know and discuss the legal aspects of a pastor performing a marriage




o   1. State laws vary


o   2. Contact country and State


o   3. Penalties


§  Failure to promptly submit certificate


§  Failure to manage records


§  Marry without a license


§  Marriage of persons who can’t legally be married


§  Fines and/or jail time for penalties





·      Be able to know and discuss the things a pastor should do before, a wedding.






o   Before


§  Be Early (at least 1hour and ½)


§  Examine the marriage certificate


§  Find and greet the Parents of the Bride and Groom


§  Organize your thoughts


§  Request the groomsmen and the Bestman be in their places 15 min. before the procession


§  Encourage everyone





·      Be able to know and discuss the things a pastor should do during and after a wedding.




o   During


§  Everyone takes their cues from you


§  Be happy


§  Be Good


o   After


§  Greet everyone (smile)


§  Sign the certificate


§  Be Polite


§  Return the Certificate




·      Discuss the six month rule with volunteers




·      6-month rule is a period of 6 months where you just get to know that person during those 6 months (check their background and skills) so they can rest and you can get to know them better.





·      Discuss the top 10 mistakes leaders make




o   The Top Down


o   Putting paperwork before people work


o   The absence of affirmation


o   No room for Mavericks


o   Dictatorship in Decision-making


o   Dirty Delegation


o   Communication Chaos


o   Missing the Clues of the Corporate Culture


o   Success Without Successors


o   Failure to Focus on the Future


Discuss the 6 steps in recruiting volunteers


o   1. Recruit in a Personal Manner


§  Recruiting should be done on a one-on-one basis by someone you know.


§  Recruiting should be done by someone who is already working in that area of ministry


§  The vision and purpose of the ministry should be communicated


§  Communicate the support in place


§  Communicate expectations, time, duration


o   2. Communicate that there are two kinds of ministry opportunities


§  General Service Assignments


§  Opportunities for Exercising Spiritual Gifts


·      Greeters at the front door (not too huggy)


o   3. Develop A Theology Regarding Spiritual Gifts along with a Plan to  Help People discover & develop those Gifts.


§  Some people would rather get the job done by themselves instead of dealing with other people.





·      Discuss the 4 Nonnegotiable Character Attributes.




·      1) Personal Integrity


·      2) Spiritual Vitality


·      3) Common Sense


·      4) Passion For Ministry




·      Discuss the 5 Additional Abilities.




·      1. Scriptural Expertise


·      “Just as there are shallows in Scripture where a lamb may wade, so there are depths in Scripture where an elephant may swim.”


§  -St. Augustine


·      2. Cultural Sensitivity


·      1 Cor 9:20-22


·      3) Relational Aptitude


·      “building healthy relationships precedes effective, enduring ministry and failed relationships thwart effective ministry”


-James Means


o   The “Change Analogy”


§  As a pastor or leader, when you make good decisions you receive change but when you make bad decisions you give away change.


o   Pastors who antagonize their people by: (Fail In Ministry)


§  Manipulation


§  Abrasive sermons (attack someone or a group of people)


§  Autocratic style (


§  Breaking confidence (if wife as secretary, have someone else touch the money to avoid the appearance of evil)


§  Immaturity


·      4) Communication Skills


o   Careful Listening




o   Clearly Expressing One’s Self


·      5) Leadership Ability


o   The development of relationships in such a way that individuals and the group are enabled to formulate and achieve biblical goals that meet real needs.




·      List the reasons why people don’t volunteer




1)            General Feelings


                                                       i.     Not Much is happening, No activity or Momentum


                                                      ii.     Somebody else is taking care of Things


                                                    iii.     There are not many choices


                                                    iv.     Guilt & Condemnation


                                                     v.     Serving is Just a way others try to impress the Leader


2)            Feelings about or From the Leader


a.   No Enthusiasm or excitement from the Leader


b.   Lack of example in serving by the Leader


c.    No Appreciation Expressed


d.   Work is what the Person Doesn’t like or Want to do


e.   Treated Like they can Only do Mindless tasks


3)            Feelings about Themselves


a.   Fear of Failure


b.   Fear of Rejection (Disapproval)


c.    No Hope of Success


d.   No sense of interpersonal connection


e.   Past efforts unappreciated





·      Discuss the 6 character flaws that handicap ministry




o   1) Low Self-Esteem


§  Seeking limelight, power, or degrees to bolster their own sense of worth


o   2) Egocentric


§  Always concerned with self rather than concern about God or others


o   3) Power Hungry


§  Intoxicated by power, control and domination this person tries to build their own self-worth.  They begin to believe that they are perfect.


o   4) Unresolved Guilt


§  Trying to appease God through ministry because of a weakness or inadequacy.


o   5) False Expectations


§  Delusions of grandeur and grandiose expectations of the kind of church they will be able to produce.


o   6) Scapegoat Mentality


§  Blaming other people or circumstances for problems


List the reasons why people do volunteer


o   The Leaders are excited


o   Leaders Set an Example


o   People Love & Respect Leaders who love and respect Them.


o   Established Relationships


o   Leaders Act as Coaches & Cheerleaders


o   The Leaders are Easily Accessible


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