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The Goals of Immigration Policy - Ch. 10
Midterm #2
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What are the two questions that any immigration policy needs to address according to the author?

How many immigrants should the US admit?


What types of immigrants should it admit?

What are the two different issues that could be emphasized to determine what the best immigration policy is?

Economic issues


Moral issues

What are the two aspects of economic issues that should be considered?
Should it focus on efficiency as measured by the size of the economic pie?  The IS is not that large...

Should it emphasize instead equity or distribution of income
aspects? Perhaps consider the fact that it results in a transfer of wealth from the low-skilled to the high skilled and owners of capital?
With moral issues, what is the difference between equal opportunities vs. euqal outcomes?

Those Americans who believe in equal opportunity might argue that the persons in the rich country are not obligated to accept any of the immigrants who want to come from the poor country. Everyone had the same chances at the outset, and some groups just happened to make more efficient use of the resources at their disposal.


Those Americans who believe in equal outcomes would assert that all individuals currently living in this hypothetical universe have identical claims on the economic resources available.

- An open border immigration policy (or free trade) would tend to equalize the resources available to the populations of the two countries.

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