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The Bible What is Its Message?
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The BiBle What is its Message? Presentation

Hi were volunteers out today and were getting their opinion on this scripture at (2 Tim 3:16) and  Id like to get yours and ill read that real quick(Read)...Many we talk to agree with these words,and others feel that the bible is just a good book. What do you think about the Bible? Ok and whatever our religious beleifs may be,there's good resons to examione the BiBle ourselves. READ Intro Para, on page 3.  and Ill give you this and as you read this fast moving summary of the BiBle found in this brochure, youll see somethng interesting that i even saw when i started reading the Bible: That the Bible actually has an overall theme and messaage!

So ill leave this with you and ill leave you with a question for when i come back. What exactly is that overall theme in the BiBle? So you'll definitely find that interesting and My name is India whats yours? Nice meeting you Ill see you around this same time next week!


Was Life Created?

Hi how are you today its really nice to see you. Well were actually volunteers out in your neighborhood today and today were getting their opinion on Evolution. "In this modern world many people think that evolution is established fact. What are your thoughts on this?...Ok Well many others have found that after really examining the facts found that creation is based on solid evidence. Ill actually read you a scripture really quick its found at Hebrews 11:1(REad) And ill aslo read you a section in tsi brochure i have it says....(READ). So Ill eave this wiht you and next time i can come back and discuss the question DOes it even matter what you  beleive?

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