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The first battle of Bull run

First major land battle

Confedrates won!

Key indivuals that were involved int the 1st battle of bull run: Uion:Brigadier General Irvin McDowell

Confedates: Brigadier General E. Johnston and General P.G.T Beaurgard

5,000 men died

3,000 of those mean where union soliders. south called it Manassas.

Fought July 21,1861

Prince willaim county,Virgina


Second battle of bull run

Date:Aug. 28th -30th,1862

General involed:Union;Major General John
Pope. Confedrate:General Robert E. lee,Major General Thomas J Jackson and Lieutenant Genral james Longstree

Location:Manassas Virgina

22,180 died

13,830 were Uion

Victory for the south


General McDowell



Born in Franklin county Ohio.

october 15,1818

serverd as tactics instructor at west point before, becomming aide-de-cam to General John E wool during the mexican-american war.

He fought in the frist and second battle of bull run

General Beauregard

Born May 28th, 1818. New orlanes, Louisiona

Died feb. 20th, 1893

best known for general for the confedrates states of America during the american cilvil war.

Jobs: civil, severnt, and inventor

Trained united states military academny at west point.

He served as a major under Winfield Scott during the Mexican-American war.

1st assigment was from confedrate goverment command force charleston,South Caroliona.

April 12th, 1861 opened fired on uion, while uion was held at sumter. This pretty much started the American civil war. Condfreateds had to sourround in April,1865.He declined offers from rommani in 66 and egypt in 69.



General McClellan



Born december 3rd 1826

Appointed to the staff general winfeild scott during the mexican war (46-48)

Tought military engnieer at west point (48-51)

During 1851 he was sent to observe crimean war in order to get the latest information ont he Eurpoean warfare.

57- he left the untied states army to become cheif of engerging for IL. and central railroad.

1860- he became prezdent of ohio and mississippi rail road '

Democtatie party

but serviced abrahiam Lincano during the out brake for the battle of bull run

Nov. 1861- he was 34 ys old commander in cheif to the union

July 1862- war was waged by condreate army . not survered

september 10th 1862- McClellan and Major General Ambrose Burnside attacked Gernral Lee early morning.

1872- prez. of alntic /great western railroad

He governed New jersey in 1881



General T. Jackson



he was born Jan. 21st 1824

Clarksburg, Virgina

He graduated in 1842

May 2 1863 - he was wounded by a  friendly fire.

He died of pneumonia days lateron May 10th at Guiney`s state.


General Grant

Born April 27th 1822

Grauduated west point in 43.

Battle field Mexican war(46-48)

32 year old capt resigned his commission in 1854

After failed business vetures grant returned to army 1861.

He was promted nd placed in charge in 20,000.

He was digoneased with cancer in 84.

General Lee

Born Jan.19th 1807

1838  became 1st lieutehmant and 1838 capt..Ranking rate was so high that he had to praticapite in the MEX. war. Repeadtily winging distinotion and conduct brarvery.

After war ending he enginered in Washignton and Baltimore

1852 he was apponited superintended of west point for 3 yrs.

1855 appointed lieut.

In 1859 he was summond to go and deal with John Brwon`s Raid on the harper ferry.

May 31st he was assigned to comond the famous army of the nothern virgain.

1864  his strugles between him and General Grant included battles (wilderness, Spotsylavian, north anna, Cold halelong and siege of penerslery

General Burnside

Born May 23,1824

Liberty, Indiana

took part in the battle of Antieatna

with a force of 122,000 Burnside,Joseph Hooker,Edwin Sumner, William Franklin attacer Robert E.Lee and his army of 78,500

Battle of Shiloh

Date: April 6th and 7th 1862

Location Shiloh,Tn in Hardain county.

Another name for this battle is pittsburg landing

Union:Major General Grant and Major General Don carolos Bueli

Confedrates: General Albert Sidney, Genral Johnsoton and  Gerneral Beauergard

Attacekd uion general grant army at pittsburg landing.

condfredate lost General Johnston due to a stray bullet

Victory was uion

23,476 died

uion died- 13,047

Seven Days' battles

Dates :june 25th - july 1st 1802

Uion attacked confreadeate for 7 days

Battle of Antiemtan

Date:Sept. 16th-18th 1862

other names Sharpsburg

Location Sharpsbug,Maryland

Uion- Major General McClellan

Confedrates: General Lee.

outcome. the resluts of the battle was inconcluions . But the north did win stratgics advantages.

Died: 23,100


Battle of Fredericksburg

date: december 11th - 15th 1862

other names Maye`s heights

Location Fredericksburg

Uion: Major gerneral Burnside

Confedtare: General Lee

Confedrates won

17,929 died

13,359 uion died

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