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Gui Zhi Tang
release pathogenic influence from muscles and skin, regulate nutritive and protective qi

chills and fever unrelieved by sweating, HA, aversion to wind, stiff neck, nasal congestion, dry heaves, no particular thirst (similar symptoms after childbirth)

T: thin, white moist coat
P: superficial, moderate or superficial weak
floating, tight
Ren Shen Bai Du San
release exterior, dispel wind and damp, augment qi

high fever, severe chills w shivering, no sweating, pain and stiffness of head and neck, soreness and pain extremities, focal distention, fullness of chest, nasal congestion w sonorous breathing, productive cough

T: white (greasy) coat, pale
P: floating, soggy, superficial, rapid

externally contracted wind cold damp battling body's deficient normal qi, early stage dysenteric disorders of wind cold damp and measles

Contra: cases w heat because of warm drying herbs
Sang Ju Yin
release exterior WH, stop cough by facilitating flow of Lu Qi

chief complaint is cough w mild feverish body, sl thirst

T: thin, white coat
P: floating, rapid

early, superficial stage of warm febrile disease

dont decoct for longer than 20 min
Yin Qiao San
disperse WH, clear heat, relieve toxicity

chief complaint: sore throat w fever, sl or no chills, HA, thirst, cough

T: red tip, thin white or yellow coat
P: floating, superficial, rapid

early stage warm febrile disease, which enters through nose and mouth and attacks Lu

not effective for damp heat unless modified

dont decoct for longer than 20 minutes
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang
release pathogenic influence from muscle layer, clear interior heat

increasing fever, decreasing chills, HA, stiff extremities, dry nasal passages, orbital and eye pain, irritability, insomnia

T: thin yellow coat
P: floating

unresolved ext WC becomes constrained and transforms into int heat
simult tai yang and yang ming disorder

avoid acrid, spicy, oily, or greasy foods
Bai Hu Tang
clear Qi level heat, drain St fire, generate fluids, alleviate thirst


high fever, extreme thirst w desire to drink, profuse sweating, red face, aversion to heat, irritability, 4 bigs,
T: red, dry, yellow or white coat
P: flooding, forceful or slippery, rapid

excessive heat in yang ming

CI: fever d/t SP and ST xu, true cold, false heat

Caution: Damp cold
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang
vigorous fire toxin accum in San Jiao

drain fire, relieve toxicity

high fever, irritability, dry mouth and throat, incoherent speech, insomnia, epitaxis, carbuncles, deep rooted boils or toxic swellings, dysentery, damp heat jaundice

T: red w yellow coat
P: rapid, forceful

severe onstruction of 3 burners by fire toxins, pervades both int and ext

caution: only for robust constitutions b/c bitter, cold herbs can injure yin. avoid long term use
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
drains excess fire from Lv/Gb, clears and drains damp heat from LJ

hypochondriac pain, HA, dizziness, red sore eyes, hearing loss, swelling in ears, bitter taste, irritability, short temper, difficult and painful urination w heat sensation in urethra, swollen and pruritic external genitalia, fould smelling leukorrhea, shortened menses, cycle w reddish purple blood
T: red w yellow coating
P: wiry, rapid, forceful

excess heat in Lv and Gb channels

CI: patients w yang, yin and blood xu
can harm sp

no large doses
Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang

heat smoldering Yin region of body occurring during later stage of warm febrile disease
nourish yin, vent heat

night fever and morning coolness w absence of sweating as fever recedes, emaciation w no loss of appetite
T: red w little coat
P: fine, thready

CI: early stage warm febrile disease when pathogenic factor is still in Qi level
Da Cheng Qi Tang
PURGE HEAT ACCUM- severe pattern of yangming Fu pattern

severe constipation and flatulence, focal distention and abdominal fullness, abdominal pain that increases upon pressure, tense and firm abdomen, possible diarrhea that is watery and green.
may have tidal fever, delirious speech, profuse sweating from palms and soles
4 types of abdominal disharmony: focal distension, fullness, dryness and hardness
T: Red tongue, yellow/black, dry rough coating with prickles and cracks
P: submerged (deep) excessive

CI: pregnancy
Caution: ext attack. red face, hardness in epigastric region
can cause nausea and vomiting
cooking: add da huang last 5 min, dissolve mang xiao in strained decoction
Xiao Cheng Qi Tang
moderately purge clumped heat

tidal fever, constipation, focal distention, abdominal fullness that does not increase upon pressure

T: red tongue, old looking (dirty and dry), yellow coat
P: slippery, rapid
mild yang ming organ stage disorder
CI: pregnancy
cook all ingredients together
Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang
mildly purge clumped heat
constipation (without focal distention or abdominal fullness), irritability)
also for nosebleeds, swollen gums and throat, petechiae d/t heat in St and intestines

T: yellow coat
P: slippery, rapid

mild constipation d/t yang ming stage heat

CI: pregnancy
Cooking: Da Huang and Gan Cao are cooked together. dissolve mang xiao in strained decoction
Xiao Chai Hu Tang
harmonize and release shao yang disorders

) Shaoyang (1/2 exterior and 1/2 interior)
2. heat attacking blood room (uterus) disorder occurred in women (malaria, jaundice, and interior diseases)

alternating chills and fever, fullness in chest, hypochondriac discomfort, anorexia, dysphoria, retching, bitter taste in mouth, dry throat, dizziness
T: thin, white coat
P: Wiry

CI: upper excess/lower def, Lv fire, bleeding gums

caution: lv yang rising, hypertension, vomiting d/t yin xu
Food: avoid cold raw, pungent, spicy
Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang
Pi (oppressed sensation) syndrome d/t Disharmony of St and intestines
harmonize St, direct rebellious qi down, disperse clumping, elim focal distention epigastric focal distention

fullness, tightness w very sl or no pain, dry heaves or frank vomiting, borborygmus w diarrhea, reduced appetite. heat and cold syndrome

T: thin, yellow, greasy coat, maybe red tip
P: wiry-rapid caution: qi and food stagnation
Si NI San
vents pathogenic influences, release constraint, spread Lv Qi, regulate Sp

1) frigid extremities d/t yang constraint
2) disharmony of Lv and Sp

cold fingers and toes w warm body
cold hands and feet w warm head and body sometimes irritability and fullness in chest and epigastrium
may have abdominal pain and/or severe diarrhea
T: red w yellow color
P: wiry

not for use w frigid extremities-only cold
Xiao Yao San
Lv constraint with blood deficiency and Sp Qi xu
spread Lv Qi, strengthen Sp, nourish blood

hypochondriac pain, HA, vertigo, bitter taste, dry mouth and throat, fatigue, poor appetite, may have alternating chills and fever, irrgeular menses, breast distention
T: Pale, red
P: deficient, wiry,

caution: pregnancy, not only for deficient disorders, qi stag w lv amd kd yin xu
Wu Ling San
1. Tai Yang syndrome (UB water accum) d/t exterior evil attacking with interior water damp retention in UB

2. Interior water damp accum without exterior syndrome- edema, diarrhea, difficult and scanty , sudden turmoil disorder marked by vomiting and diarrhea

3. congested fluids syndrome-marked by throbbing sensation just below naval, vomiting frothy saliva, vertigo, possible SOB and coughing

promote urination, drain damp, strengthen Sp, warm yang, promote transforming fxn of Qi

HA, fever, irritability, thirst, vomiting immediately after drinking, urinary difficulty
P: floating
tai yang disorder

caution: Sp or Kd xu- limit dose and duration

overdose: dizziness, vertigo, bland taste, reduced appetite
do not cook for more than 20 min
Zhu Ling Tang
water and heat clumping in UB with Kd yin injury (shaoyin heat transforming)

promote urination, clear heat, nourish yin

1. urinary difficulty w fever and thrist w desire to drink, may have diarrhea, cough, nausea, irritability, insomnia
2. bloody lin syndrome marked by difficult, dripping, painful urination, fullness, distension, pain in lower abdomen
T: Red tongue with white or sl yellow coating
P: thready and rapid
no CI or caution
Wu Pi San
skin edema d/t Sp Qi xu w/ excess dampness amd Qi stagnation

resolve damp, reduce edema, regulate qi, strengthen Sp

generalized edema, heavy sensations in whole body, fullness and distenttion in epigastrium and abdomen, heavy and labored breathing, urinary difficulty

T: greasy white coat
P: deep, moderate

should be added more for cases w severe sp deficiency
Ping Wei San
Dampness obstructing SP/ST

dry dampness, improve Sp transporting fxn, promote movement of Qi, harmonize St

distention and fullness of abdomen and epigastrium,loss of taste and appetite, nausea and vomiting, loose stools or diarrhea, belching, acid regurg, heavy sensation in the body, fatigue, increased desire to sleep
T: swollen w thick, white greasy coat
P: moderate or slippery
dx: damp cold stagnation in Sp/St

Contra: pregnancy
caution: pregnancy
Huo Xiang Zheng
exteriror wind-cold w interior turbid dampness

release exterior, transform dampness, regulate Qi, harmonize MJ

fever, chills, HA, full and stifling sensation in chest, pain in epigastrium and abdomen, loss of taste, nausea, vomiting, borborygmus, diarrhea
T: greasy, white coat
P: moderate, soggy (soft)

Contra: yin and blood xu
Ba Zheng San
Hot Lin syndrome and bloody Lin due to damp heat downward flowing to UB

clear heat, promote urination, unblock painful urinary dysfunction

dark, turbid, scanty, difficult and painful urination, dry mouth and throat-in severe cases there may be urinary retention, lower abd, distention and pain
T: greasy, yellow coat
P: slippery, rapid
hot or bloody painful urinary dysfunction caused by clumping D-H in lower burner
history of over consumption of alcohol, sweet or rich foods,
caution: pregnancy

long term use may cause weakness, light headedness, palpitations, loss of appetite
Zhen Wu Tang
warm yang, promote urination, abd pain aggravated by cold, urinary difficulty, deep achy and heaviness of extremities-generalized edema, losse stools, dizziness, heavy sensation in head, cough, palpitations, vomiting

2. taiyang disease after diaphoresis that does not reduce fever, excessive sweating depletes body fluids and yang
T: pale or dark swollen w teeth marks, white slippery
P: deep, thin, forceless

Kd or Sp yang xu w/retention of pathogenic water-sweating doesnt reduce fever, palpitations over epig, dizziness, shivers, trembles w unsteady appearance
T: white, slippery coat
P: submerged, thin forceless

caution: excess syndrome
Li Zhong Wan
warms the MJ, strengthen Sp and St

diarrhea w watery stool, nausea and vomiting, no particular thirst, loss of appetite, abdominal pain that is relieved by warmth and pressure, aversion to cold, cold limbs
-may also ne bleeding or chronic childhood convulsions, spitting copious saliva or chest bi syndrome d/t MJ deficient cold
T: pale w white coat
P: deep, thin

MJ yang deficiency, sudden turmoil disorder w cold (marked by absence of thirst and spitting of fluids d/t coldin chest during recovery from chronic illness

CI: externally contracted conditions w fever or yin xu
caution: pregnancy
when vomiting and diarrhea stop
Wu Zhu Yu Tang
warm and tonify Lv, direct rebellious Qi down, stop vomiting
vomiting immediately after eating, indeterminate gnawing hunger, acid regurg w/or w/out epigastric pain

cold from deficiency of St (dry heaves or spitting of clear fluids w vertex HA)

cold from def of St and Lv ( vomiting and diarrhea w cold hands and feet, agitation so severe that patient wants to die)
T:might have white slippery coat
P: thin, slow, or thin, wiry

cold attacking Mj

CI: vomiting or acid regurg d/t heat
caution: severe vomiting
Da Jian Zhong Tang
warm and tonify MJ deficiency, direct rebellious Qi down, relieve pain

excruciating epigastric and abdominal pain, strong cold sensation in epigastrium, vomiting, maybe borborygmous
T: white, slippery coat
P: thin, tight, slow, wiry

weakeness and deficiency MJ yang and yin cold which is ascendant in interior
Si Ni Tang
rescue devastated yang, warm MJ, stop diarrhea

1) severe Kd yang xu including Sp and Ht yang xu with cold evil invading and sinking into shaoyin
2) yang collapse due to faulty excessive diaphoresis in taiyang stage

extremely cold extremities, aversion to cold, sleep w knees drawn up, lethargic state w constant desire to sleep, vomiting, diarrhea w undigested food particles, abdominal pain, and cold, lack thirst

T: pale w white slippery coat
P: deep, thin or deep, faint

Kd yang def accomp by increase of internal cold. True cold/false heat

CI: thirst w desire to drink cool beverages, dark urine (red tongue w yellow coat)
Gui Pi Tang
augment Qi, tonify blood, strengthen Sp, nourish Ht

forgetfulness, palpitations (w or w/out anxiety), insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, anxiety and phobia, feverishness, withdrawal, reduced appetite, pallid and wan complexion
chronic bleeding syndromes, early periods w copious, pale blood, prolonged almost continuous periods w little flow
T: pale w thin white coat
P: thin, frail, fine moderate

Ht blood and Sp Qi xu-used for 3 types of manifestations:
1) restless heat spirit
2. qi and blood deficiency
3. inability of Sp to control blood

CI: interior heat or yin xu w/fast pulse
Shi Quan Da Bu Tang
qi and blood def in consumptive disorders-commonly used for for Qi and Blood def w predominance of deficient Qi leading toward cold

warm and tonify Qi and Blood

coughing, reduced appetite, spermatorrhea, wekaness of lower extremities-also for non healing sores, continuous spotting from uterine bleeding
T: pale
P: thin, frail

not for excess or heat syndromes
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Kd and Lv yin xu

enrich yin, nourish Kd

weak and sore low back, light headedness, vertigo, tinnitus, diminished hearing, night sweats, spontaneous and nocturnal emissions-may have hot palms and soles, chronic dry sore throat, toothache, or wasting and thirsting disorder

T: red w little coat
P: thin, rapid

1. 3 tonifying herbs +3 draining
2. dosage of tonifying herbs is more than draining herbs, so tonic is dominant
3. nourish 3 organs of yin of Lv, Sp, Kd, nourishes Kd yin that is dominant
CI: yang def ext conditions, high fever, alt chills and fever
caution: indigestion, diarrhea d/t Sp/St def
white greasy tongue coat
Shen Qi Wan (Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan)
warm and tonify Kd yang

low back pain, weak lower extremities, cold sensation in lower half of body, tension in lower abdomen
T: pale, swollen + thin, white, moist coat
P: empty or frail, submerged and faint in proximal, submerged and faint in proximal position

kd yang xu, leg qi disorder where water and damp pour into legs, causing edema, also for LJ type wasting and thirsting w Kd yang xu w symptoms of thirst and frequent copious urination

CI: pregnancy-yin xu w dry mouth and throat, red tongue w little coat
caution: Sp/St def
Yu Ju Wan
promote movement of Qi, release constraint

focal distention and stifling in chest and abdomen, fixed pain in hypochodria, belching, vomiting, acid regurg, mild cough with copious sputum, reduced appetite, indigestion

CI: stagnation d/t deficiency
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang
Plum pit qi
d/t emotional upset
phlegm and qi clash and lodge in throat- Lv constraint leading to Lu and St Qi disturbance in ascending and descending

promote movement of qi, dissipate clumps, direct rebellious qi down, transform phlegm

feel like something caught in throat that cannot be coughed or swallowed, stifling sensation in chest or hypochondria, may have cough or vomiting
T: moist or greasy white coat
P: wiry, slippery

CI: yin xu w heat: flushed face, bitter taste in mouth, red tongue w scanty coat

caution: plum pit d/t fire from constraint or d/t to qi and blood xu
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang
excess cold above and deficiency cold below (vigorous phlegm obstruction in Lu) and deficient below (kd yang unable to grasp the Qi and transform water retention)

direct rebellious qi down, arrest wheezing, stop coughing, transform phlegm cough

cough and wheezing w copious watery sputum, stifling sensation in chest and diaphragm, SOB w labored inhalation/smooth exhalation, maybe pain and weakness in low back and legs, edema of extremities, and/or fatigue
T: white coat, slippery, greasy

CI: Lu and Kd xu in absence of externally contracted pathogenic influence
wheezing and productive cough d/t Lu heat

avoid wind and cold, raw oily greasy food
Ding Chuan Tang
disseminate and redirect Lu qi, arrest asthma, clear heat, transform phlegm

cough and wheezing w copious thick yellow sputum, labored breathing
T: yellow, greasy
P: slippery, rapid

ext WC and Int phlegm heat-flow of Lu qi constrains heat
Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang
direct rebellious qi down, stop hiccups, augment qi, clear heat

hiccup or vomiting w poor appetite
T: tender, red
P: deficient, rapid

CI: heat from excess, cold from deficiency
Tao He Cheng Qi Tang
drain heat, break up blood stasis

acute lower abdominal pain, incontinence of urine, night fever, delirious speech, irritability, restlessness, thirst, dysmenorrhea, or amenorrhea-maybe manic
P: deep, full, or choppy

blood stasis and heat in LJ

CI: pregnancy
Caution: if exterior symptoms are present, exterior should be released before using formula
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
invigorate blood, dispel blood stasis, spread Lv qi, unblock channels

pain in chest and hypochondria, chronic stubborn HA w fixed piercing quality, chronic hiccup, choking sensation when drinking, dry heaves, depression or low spirits w a sensation of warmth in chest, palpitations, insomnia, restless sleep, irritability, extreme mood swings, evening tidal fever, dark or purplish lips, complexion or sclera
T: dark red w dark spots on sides
P: choppy or wiry, tight

blood stasis in chest w constrained Lv qi

CI: pregnancy, excessive menstrual bleeding

if taking for long time, take w tonic herbs
Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan
invigorate blood, transform blood stasis, reduce fixed abdominal masses

mild persistent uterine bleeding w purple or dark blood and abdominal pain that increases w pressure
for immobile masses in lower abdomen w pain and tenderness, abdominal spasms and tension, amenorrhea w abdominal distention and pain, dysmenorrhea, retention of lochia
T: dark, purple spots
P: choppy, submerged

blood stasis in womb

caution: pregnancy, post partum
Wen Jing Tang
warm menses, dispel cold, nourish blood, dispel blood stasis

mild persistent uterine bleeding, irregular menses (early or late), extended or continuous menstrual flow, bleeding btwn periods, pain, distention, cold in lower abdomen, infertility, dry lips and mouth, low grade fever at dusk, warm palms and soles

T: purple
P: fine, rough

dx: cold deficiency of chong and Ren vessel, w blood stasis
CI: abdominal masses d/t blood stasis from excess (be sure to differentiate this pattern from yin xu)
Yu Ping Feng San
augment qi, stabilize exterior, stop sweating

aversion to drafts, spontaneous sweating, recurrent colds, shiny, pale complexion
T: pale, w white coat,
P: floating, deficient, soft
Dx: deficiency if exterior w weak and unstable protective qi
Si Shen Wan
warm and tonify Sp and Kd, bind up the intestines, stop diarrhea

diarrhea at day break, lack of interest in food, inability to digest what is eaten, sore low back, cold limbs, fatigue, lethargy, may have abdominal pain
T: pale, thin white coat
P: deep, submerged, slow

dx: Sp and Kd yang xu (Cock's Crow diarrhea)

CI: aacum or stagnation in St or intestines, unless modified, diarrhea d/t damp heat or food stag

avoid raw or cold foods
Gu Jing Wan
enrich yin, clear yin, stop bleeding, stabilize menses

continuous menses or uterine bleeding that alternates btwn trickling and gushing of blood. blood is very red and has dark purple clots-sensation of heat and iritability in chest, abdominal pain, dark urine
T: red
P: wiry, rapid
dx: Lv heat from constraint disturbing ching and Ren vessels. def yin underlies heat
CI Excess heat blood stasis, Qi xu
Suan Zao Ren Tang
dx: consumption d/t Lv blood xu w yin xu. wood not nourishing firenourish blood, calm spirit, clear heat, eliminate irritability

irritability, inability to sleep, palpitations, night sweats, dizzy, vertigo, dry throat and mouth
T: dry
P: wiry, thin, rapid

caution: loose stools

enriches and nourishes source of Lv and Ht blood
Gan Mai Da Zao Tang
nourish ht, calm spirit, harmonize MJ

disorientation, freq attacks of melancholy and cry spells, inability to control oneself, restless sleep (sometimes w night sweats), freq bouts of yawning
Severe: behavior and speech become abnormal
T: red w sparse coating
P: none noted

Dx: restless organ disorder (zang zao)-emotional condition d/t excess worry, anxiety, pensiveness, injures Ht yin, disrupts flow of Lv qi and affects Sp Qi
Xiao Feng San
disperse wind, eliminate damp, clear heat, cool blood

weepy, itchy, red skin lesions over large part of body
T: floating, rapid, forceful
dx: wind-heat or wind damp that invades body and contends w pre-exisitng damp heat, becomes trapped btwn flesh and skin, settles in blood vessels, unable to drain internally or vent externally, and create wind toxin. wind creates itchiness and floating pulse

CI: marked Qi or blood xu

avoid: spicy or greasy food, green tea, cig, seafood, alcohol
Xiao Huo Luo Dan
invigorate blood, unblock collaterals, dispel damp, transform phlegm

chronic pain, weakness and numbess (esp in lower extremities) d/t wind stroke. also for fixed or migrating pain in bones and joints w reduced range of motion d/t wind cold damp painful obstruction
T: white moist coat
P: none

dx: sequelae of wind stroke when cold causes dampness, phlegm and blood stasis to obstruct channels and collaterals
CI: pregnancy (toxic herbs)
blood, yin xu
should only be prescribed to those w strong constitution
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
calm Lv, extinguish wind, clear heat, invig blood, tonify Lv and Kd

HA, dizziness, vertigo, blurry vision, sensation of heat rushing to head, insomnia w dream disturbed sleep. severe cases may have numbness, twitching and spasms in extremities, or hemiplegia
T: red
P: wiry, rapid

dx: Lv yang rising and internal Lv wind
focuses on calming Lv and quieting spirit. esp useful for hypertension

CI: yin xu

cook shi jue ming 1st
add gou teng near end
Er Chen Tang
Damp phlegm accum in MJ/and or Lu causing cough

dry dampness, transform phlegm, regulate qi, harmonize MJ

cough w copious white sputum that is easily expectorated, focal distention, stifling sensation in chest and diaphragm, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, dizziness
T: white, moist, or greasy coat
P: slippery
dx: damp phlegm (Sp failing to transpot fluids, accum and forming phlegm
Wen Dan Tang
regulate qi, transform phlegm, clear GB, harmonize St

dizziness, vertigo, nausea or vomiting, insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, indeterminate gnawing hunger, seizures accomp by copious sputum, focal distention of chest, bitter taste in mouth, sl thirst
T: yellow, greasy coat
P: rapid and slippery or wiry

dx: GB and St disharmony w phlegm-heat (w/ phlegm heat disturbing the Ht)
damp heat in SJ

CI: Ht xu causing insomnia, Ht blood xu w/ palpitations, yin xu w dizziness and vertigo, St cold causing nausea and vomiting
Bei Mu Gua Lou San
Coughing due to DRY PHLEGM obstructing Lu

moisten Lu, clear heat, regulate Qi, transform phlegm

cough w deep seated sputum that is difficult to expectorate, wheezing, dry and sore throat

T: red and dry w/white coat
P: rapid, thin, but strong or slippery

dx: dryness in Lungs w injury to body fluids, causing phlegm

CI: cough d/t yin xu

variation of Er Chen Tang
Zhi Sou San
stop cough, transform phlegm, disperse exterior, disseminate Lu qi

cough e or w/out sl chills and fever, itchy throat
T: thin, white coat
P: moderate, floating
dx: wind attacking Lu (usually occurs as sequelae to externally contracted disease that has been treated, in which cough persists)
caution: cough d/t yin xu...formula can be dry. cough d/t Lu heat (unless modified)

can be used to treat variety of cough w/modification
Bam Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang
upward disturbance of wind phlegm

strengthen Sp, dispel damp, trasform phlegm, extinguish wind

dizziness, vertigo (possibly severe), HA, stifling sensation, in chest, nausea or vomiting, copious sputum
T: white, greasy coat
P: wiry, slippery

dx: upward disturbance of wind-phlegm (phlegm occurs when dampness accum d/t Sp xu)

CI: vertigo from Lv yang rising, blood xu, or Kd and Lv yin xu

variation of Er Chen tang
Bao He Wan
reduce food stag, harmonize St

focal distention and fullness in chest and epigastrium, abdominal distention w occasional pain, rotten smelling belching, acid regurg, nausea, vomitng, aversion to food, may have diarrhea
T: thick, greasy coat
P: slippery

dx: food stagnation from eating contaminated food, or from gross overeating and drinking

excessive consumption of alcohol, meat, fatty foods which may inhibit ability of Sp/St to properly receive, transport, and transform food

CI: sp xu, unless modified
caution: pregnancy

best for early stages of food stag, or mild disorders
xie xin tang
Interior excess fire blazing thereby reckless movement of blood (more for St and intestine heat accum)

drains fire, relieve toxicity

constipation: bleeding from mouth, nose, etc. jaundice w/irritability, chest fullness. red swollen eyes, sores, ulcers, skin ulcers.

drain fire, relieve toxicity, dry damp

T: greasy yellow fur
P: rapid, possibly slippery

CI: sp and st yang xu, yin xu w deep red and uncoated tongue
Qing Wei San
heat accum in st

clears St heat, cools blood

toothache w pain radiating to temple, facial swelling, bleeding and sores of the gums, swollen and painful mouth, fever, bad breath
T: red
P: slippery, rapid, large

CI: if oral problems are caused WC, kd yin xu, kd yin xu fire
Bai Tou Weng Tang
dysenteric disorder from heat toxin searing St and intestines (LI Fire)

abdominal pain, tenesmus,burning sensation around anus, diarrhea containing more blood than pus, thirst

T: red w yellow coat
P: wiry, rapid

CI: dysentery of chronic and deficient types, not for long term use
Dao Chi San
Heat in SI and Ht channel
-clears Ht heat, nourishes yin, promote urination

Heat in the Ht channel: irritability w/a sensation of heat in the chest, thirst w desire to drink cold beverages, red face, possibly sores around mouth

CI: sp and st xu, avoid foods that are pungent, spicy oily or greasy while taking formula

T: red
P: rapid
Ma Zi Ren Wan
Intestinal dryness and heat causing constipation

Dry heat in St and Intestine with Sp fluids deficiency

hard stool that is difficult to expel, frequent urination

yin and blood xu dryness

CI: pregnancy, weak constitution patients

T: dry yellow coat
P: submerged, rapid or floating, choppy
Run Chang Wan
desiccated intestines
(constipation due to blood and yin xu)

constipation, lusterless skin and nails, parched mouth w/and unquenchable thirst

T: dry
P: thin
Juan Bi Tang
Wind Cold damp Bi syndrome with ying qi and wei qi xu

early stages of painful obstruction caused wind dampness

joint pain that increases w/cold and diminishes w/warmth, perhaps accompanied by a sensation of heaviness and numbness
pain in the neck, shoulders, and arms and numbness of extremities
T: white coat
P: slow possibly slippery, moderate
Bai He Gu Jin Tang
Internal dryness d/t Lu and Kd yin deficiency (deficienct fire rising leading to coughing with blood streaked phlegm)

nourish yin, moisten Lu, transform phlegm, stop cough

cough with blood streaked sputum, wheezing, dry and sore throat, hot palms and soles, night sweats

T: dry, red with little coat
P: thin, rapid
Mai Men Dong Tang
Lu/St Qi and yin xu

nourish St/Lu yin, direct rebellious Qi downward, regulate MJ

coughing and spitting of saliva, wheezing, SOB, dry and uncomfortable sensation of the throat, vomiting , thirst

T: dry, red w little coat
P deficient, rapid

CI: patients w consumptive Lu disease d/t deficient cold
Xiao Jian Zhong Tang
Sp yang deficiency w/cold causing abdominal pain:

warms and tonifies MJ, harmonize interior and relieve pain

spasmosdic abdominal pain that diminishes w warmth and pressure , lusterless complexion

T: pale, w white coat
P: thin, wiry and moderate

CI: vomiting, intestinal parasites
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San
Sp Qi xu with internally generated damp causing diarrhea

benefit Sp, tonify Qi, drain damp, stop diarrhea

loose stools or diarrhea, weakness, SOB, reduced appetite, weight loss, distention and stifling sensation in chest and epigastrium, pallid and wan complexion

T: pallid, white coat
P: thin, moderate or deficient

CI: diarrhea w/yin xu
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan
warms and tonifies Kd yang (essence, yin, qi, and blood)

Kd yang xu: cold and pain in lower back and legs, tenseness of lower abdomen, irritability to point of difficulty in lying down, breathing most comfortable when leaning against something

T: pale, swollen w thin, white moist coat
P: empty or frail, submerged and faint at proximal position

CI: yin xu heat and dryness, fluid impairment d/t dry heat, phlegm damp conditions
Zuo Gui Wan
True yin deficiency with Kd essence and marrow depletion

nourish and tonify Kd yin: dizziness, low back soreness and weak knees, vertigo, spermatorrhea and night sweating, dry mouth and throat, desire to drink cold, infertility, low sperm count

T: shiny red
P: wiry and rapid

caution: patients w diarrhea d/t st/sp xu
You Gui Wan
Kd yang xu with waning of fire at gate of vitality.

warms and tonifies Kd yang, replenishes essence, tonifies blood

Kd yang/essence xu w blood xu:
exhaustion from long term illness, coolness of extremities, impotence, spermatorrhea, aching and wekaness of low back and knees, fatigue, aversion to cold

warms and tonifies Kd yang, replenish essence and blood, replenish Ming Men fire

T: pale, swollen
P: thin, frail

CI: yin xu, false cold, true heat
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang
to tonify and generate blood production

Blood and Qi xu w floating yang:

LOW FEVER DUE TO BLOOD DEFICIENCY: sensation of heat in muscles, red face, irritability, thirst w desire to drink warm beverages, loss of appetite, emaciation, major Qi deficiency, sores refusing to heal for a long period of time after ulcerating

T: pale
P: flooding, big, deficient

maybe useful post surgery??

CI: in patients w excess heat or yin deficient heat w tidal fever
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Deficiency of Sp/St leading to sinking of clear yang

tonify MJ, benefit Qi, raise sunken Qi Sp/St xu:

intermittent fever that worsens w/exertion, spontaneous sweating, SOB, aversion to cold, thirst for warm beverages, laconic speech, tendency to curl up, weak limbs, shiny and pale complexion, loose and watery stools

T: pale w thin white coat
P: deficient in general, rootless in middle, flooding
Qing Qi Huan Tan Wan
cough due to PHLEGM HEAT

Lu-phlegm-heat causing cough: sensation of fullness in chest, nausea, bitter taste in mouth, coughing of yellow viscous sputum

clear heat, transform hot phlegm, move Qi, stop cough

T: Red tongue with greasy, yellow coat
P: slippery, rapid
Sheng Hua Tang
invig the blood, transforms and dispels blood stasis, warms menses, alleviates pain

T; pale tongue w purple spots
P: thin, submerged, and choppy pulse

CI: blood stasis d/t heat in the blood or postpartum hemorrhage, during preg, cases of bleeding
Dan Shen YIn
invig the blood and dispel blood stasis:

activate the blood circulation and remove blood stasis, activate qi circulation and stop pain
JIao Ai Tang
Bleeding from deficiency and coldness:
uterine bleeding, menorrhagia or prolonged uterine bleeding after miscarriage or abortion or uterine bleeding, during pregnancy w abdominal pain, impotence, infertility, post partum pain, hemorroids

T: pale and purple, w thin white coat
P: wiry and empty

CI: excessive menses or uterine bleeding d/t heat in blood w bright red blood
Huai Hua San
rectal bleeding d/t Li wind heat or damp heat toxin:

bleeding from rectum during defecation, blood in stool or bleeding hemorrhoids, bleeding that is profuse , bright in colorand relatively acute onset

T: red
P: wiry or soggy
Huang Lian E Jiao Tang
fire from yin xu affecting spirit:

nourish yin, subdue fire, elim irritibility

irritability w/sensation of heat in chest, insomnia, palpitations w/ anxiety

enrich yin, cause fire to descend, emiliminate irritability, calm spirit

Ht fire above, Kd yin xu below (equal xs and deficiency)

T: red body w/dry, yellow coating
P: thin, rapid

mouth sores may be present. for heat in blood level w/dysenteric disorders d/t toxic heat
Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang
Lv yang rising and internal wind d/t Lv/Kd yin xu: severe dizziness and vertigo, disorientation, sudden loss of consciousness, motor dysfunction of limbs and trunk of facial paralysis, flushed face as if intoxicated

sedates the Lv, extinguishes Lv wind, nourishes yin and anchors yang

P: wiry, long forceful
T: possibly red, possibly stiff or trembling

CI: during pregnancy, weak or deficient patients
Caution: breast feeding women. Sp xu patients, patients w/elevated lv enzymes
*contains gluten
Wan Dai Tang
Sp Qi xu w/dampness, Lv Qi stagnation causing yin leukorrhea:
white or pale yellowish vaginal discharge (clear, no odor), profuse for 5-10 days. face is pale, fatigue, loose stool, diarrhea

tonify Qi, benefit Sp, transform damp, stop vaginal discharge

T: pale, puffy coat
P: soggy or slippery, frail

CI: leuokorrhea d/t damp heat
JIn Suo Gu Jing Wan
Spermatorrhea d/t Kd xu: instability of gate of essence:
spermatorrhea w/or w/out dream disturbance, seminal emission, premature ejaculation, fatigue, weak body and legs, low back pain, tinnitus, exhausted shen

tonify Kd yin, astringe essence

T: puffy, w thin white coating
P small and weak

CI: seminal emission d/t damp heat in LJ
Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang
yin xu w/empty heat causing night sweats: fever, night sweats, red face, dry mouth, parched lips, irritability, dry stools, dark and scanty urine

nourishes yin, sedates internal fire, consolidates exterior and stops perspiration
T: red, dry
P: rapid
also for Lu consumption, steaming bone disorder, or chronic nosebleeds

CI: patients w/loose stools d/t Sp and St deficiencies
Xing Su San
Cool-dryness disorder that especially occurs in late autumn

cough, dry throat, chills w/out sweating, watery sputum, stuffy nose

expel wind, moisten dryness, expel wind from the channels
T: dry with white coat
P: wiry

CI: cough d/t wind heat, phlegm heat, deficient patterns
Xiao Jian Zhong Tang
Cold in MJ causing Spasmodic Abdominal pain:
abdominal pain (mild), better after warmth and pressure; palpitations, restlessness, pale face or soreness in limbs, warm sensation on limbs, dry throat/mouth

warms and tonify Mj, harmonizes the interior and relieves pain

T: pale, white coat
P: thin, wiry
Sheng Mai San
1. Summer heat causing profuse sweating that injures both Qi and yin
2. chronic coughing leads to Lu Qi and yin xu without evil

tonify Qi, nourish yin, astringe yin, stops sweating

Concurrent Qi and Yin xu, primarily Lu:
fatigue, SOB, dry throat, thirst, choking. cough, scanty sputum, spontaneous sputum, sweating, dry mouth and tongue

T: pale, red, dry, thin coating
P deficient, rapid or deficient, thin
Si Jun Zi Tang
Sp and St Qi xu
-tonify QI and strengthen Sp

withered pale complexion, low and soft voice, SOB, weakness in limbs, reduced appetite, loose stool

T: pale tongue with white coating
P: fail or thready and moderate
Ba Zhen Tang
Qi and Blood deficiency

augment the Qi, tonify the blood

withered pale complexion, dizzines, giddiness, lassitude in extremities, SOB, unwillingness to speak, palpitation, reduced appetite

T: pale with thin white coat
P: thready, forceless or large forceless
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