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Spiritual Leadership Final SG
Spiritual Leadership Final SG
Bible Studies
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Explain in detail the Spiritual disciplines

What the Spiritual discipline is not?


1. an eastern religious experience to become one with the universe

2. A new age experience to become a god

3. a postmodern technique called contemplative or centering prayer

4. Mysticism

5. A means of earning God's love or grace

6. Means to manipulate God into doing what you want Him to do

7. Not only for sipritual giants

8. Not dull drudgery

9. Not accomplished thru determination and will power

10. Not to produce outward conformity


Explain in detail the Spiritual disciplines

What the Spiritual disciplines are?


1. Meditation: Ability to hear God's voice to build us a spiritual refuge in our heart

2. Prayer: is the center avenue of communication which God use 

3. Fasting: staying away from food for spiritual reason

4. Study: it is to build a fortess around your thought life for meditation

5. Simplicity: is an inward reality that result in an outward life style

6. Solitude: silent and be alone to be able to see and hear from God; loneliness is inner emptiness and soltide is inner fulfillment

7. Submission: What area of our life are we submitting to?

8. Service: how are we serving God?


Explain in detail the Spiritual disciplines

What are corprate disciplines?

  1. Confession: sharing and telling of our sin to someone we trust
  2. Worship: praising God; more than one way
  3. Guidance: Words of God is our guidance and we can teach them with guidance
  4. Celebration: fellowship, praise
What are the main problems Churches have that causes them to not make disciples?
  1. They do not have a clear statement of goal for disciple making
  2. they have lacking in passion, perspective, priorties and perseverance for disciple making
Describe the 3 step process to create change
  1. Un-freeze: it is changing the attitude of the person and expectation.  Changing there values
  2. Cause the Change: taking the step to change the value of the person or taking the action to do so
  3. Re-freeze: seal up the new change but setting new goals and leaders in the church
Describe proper and improper understanding of how change occurs

Improper: present situation - take action - new situation

Proper: Present situation, teaches the leadership team about new change, let it sink in, get them on board for the change - take action with the leadership - new situation

List Barna's video the 9 things that are keeping us from making disciples
  1. No clear and measurable definition of success
  2. Focus on knowledge more than character
  3. teaching has been random, not systematic
  4. Limited accountability for spiritual growth
  5. Emphasize program and efficiency more than people and life change
  6. Too much emphasis on small group as means to total spiritual growth
  7. Church leader are not zealous disciple-makers
  8. Largely ignoting true discipleship among children
  9. Chruch's best leader are diverted to ministries other than discipleship
Discuss contemplative prayer or centering prayer

It is a postmodern technique, the purpose is to clear the mind of rational thought in order to focus on the indwelling presence of God:

This is wrong because it require of the person to stop thinking.  A person can't do things without thinking.  God give us a brain to think and to use

What is the almost universal problem with Spiritual development programs?
Lack of goals: lack of goal comes with lack of; passion, perspective, priorties, perseverance
What are the things that Daniel Brown said must be included in discipleship?
  1. Intention
  2. Relational
  3. Progressive
  4. Volintary
  5. Open and Vulnerable
  6. Releasing and Empowering
  7. Restorative
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