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▫ aims to understand how societies work
▫ investigates the structures and cultures of different societies throughout the world and throughout history
▫ can give you new ways of seeing the social world around you
- You may question aspects you had previously taken for granted.
- It will help you to make sense of your own experiences in society.
The goal of sociological study:
is not to change your thinking but to provide you with tools to analyze how and why you came to think that way and to be aware of the alternatives. It can enable you to assess different views and reach conclusions based on a careful consideration of evidence by developing:
 the ability to interpret and analyze information - basic social statistics - extracting relevant information from books or articles
 the ability to apply sociological terms and ideas - using concepts and research findings to explain the social world around you and your experiences within it
 the ability to evaluate material - recognizing bias and distortion - weighing the strengths and weaknesses of evidence
Why study Sociology?
To better understand ourselves and the society in which we live To question things in an informed way To look at the world in an expanded way
The Sociological perspective (or the sociological imagination or sociological mindfulness) is a way of thinking that helps to understand human behavior by placing it within its broader social and historical context, and by understanding the effect of the broader context on people’s individual lives.
• leads to personal growth and expanded awareness
• serves as excellent preparation for the world at work
• helps to assess the truth of “common sense”
• empowers active participation in society
• helps explain personal lives in a larger historical context
• distinguishes between “personal troubles” and “public issues”
Practicing the sociological imagination involves the ability to:
• think imaginatively
• detach oneself as far as possible from preconceived ideas
• see behind the facades of socially approved appearances
• look for levels of reality other than the official interpretations
• see the strange in the familiar and the familiar in the strange
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