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solve for x if x is the length of rectangle, and the width is in proportion with the width using the ratio 3:2. the total area is 96 units.
answer; x=4
a circle is inscribed on a equilateral triangle so that the triangle and circle intersect at exactly 3 points. if the triangle has a length of 6, what is the area of the circle?

A. 3π
B. 2√3
C. undefined
D. ∞
the answer is c, because the triangle and circle only intersect at three points and none of the points are directly across from one another, the area of the circle cannot be defined because no radius can be established.
Two triangles are placed inside a rectangle so that they do not overlap. if the rectangle has a length of 6 and a width of 2, what type of triangles and how large would they have to be if the two triangles were to have an equal area?

A. isosceles length 4 width 3
B. scalene length 5 width 4
C. right length 6 width 3
D. right length 6 width 2
the answer is D. two right triangles with the same length and width could have the same area as a rectangle with congruent length and width.
Quadrilateral ABCD is placed on a graph, the points go as follow. A (3,1), B (4,1), C (6,5), D (2,5) what is the area of quadrilateral ABCD
the answer is 12 units
Jeff is building a fish tank with the dimensions of 30in length , 50in width , 30in height. When he is done with the fish tank he'd like to fill the bottom with 2 inches of rock. how much rock should be poured into the tank?

A. 3000 cubic inches
B. 2500 cubic inches
C. 500 cubic inches
D. not enough information
A. 3000 cubic inches, the volume of the area the rock needs to take up is 30x50x2=3000
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