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Once the BC opening remarks, introductions are complete - turn off lights and roll the MC Skit…CDT Stromberg enters

MC: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2010 Wildcat Battalion Military Ball. I am Cadet Captain Stromberg I would like to start things off tonight by telling you a little about the history of the ROTC program here at K-State the Military Science Department at Kansas State University dates back to the founding of the university in 1863. The Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) was organized by the War Department to provide for a supply of reserve officers in time of war. Initially, the War Department could not furnish an instructor and military training was conducted under the supervision of a student with previous military experience.



Student-conducted training continued until 1866 when General Ulysses S. Grant detailed Major General J. W. Davidson to what was then known as Kansas State Agricultural College (KSAC, which later became known as Kansas State University) as the first Professor of Military Science. Since then the program has been responsible for commissioning over 3600 Army officers for service on active duty, in the US Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard. We welcome you this evening as the Wildcat Battalion celebrates its 148th year of service to our great nation and the defense of Freedom.





Master of Ceremonies moves to the podium and introduces the Recondo Company Commander,

The commander of the Recondo Company is one of the true warriors here at K-State Army ROTC, so it is only fitting that he be the Master of the Punch Bowl. Here to carry on one of the longest-running traditions in our Army I present to you the Master of the Wildcat Punch Bowl, CDT/CPT Novak.



Master of Ceremonies says:

Because our punch has spent the last year fermenting we must ensure it

is served at the proper temperature. To give our punch the right and 

proper chill, we will pour it over some ice taken from our own Tuttle Creek Lake, which was especially difficult to acquire this year.

Simultaneously the Recondo Commander approaches LTC Bridegam.  When the Master of Ceremonies completes his narration he says:

Sir, I present the base for the Wildcat Punch for your approval.



Master of the Punch:  Stirs the punch, then pours himself a small serving and takes a small, cautious sip, Looks at the Master of Ceremonies and says:

This punch is not quite right.  Something is missing!  What have we forgotten?

At this moment the missing ingredient SOLDIER barges into the dining area from outside.



MP says: (with heavy emphasis) BUT NOW, we need for the most expendable member of the mess to drink fully of this wonderful concoction and provide us proof that it is fit for consumption.  Our Master of Ceremonies will fulfill this honor.

Master of the Punch brings the Master of Ceremonies the glass full of punch. Once the Master of Ceremonies drinks the entire glass he will GULP then say:

(while making faces and coughing)  It is a fine batch of Wildcat Punch, it was delicious and of the finest quality. Thank you for the privilege to sample this brew.  LTC Bridegam, would you please do the honor of tasting our Punch and declaring it fit for our battalion to consume?




LTC Bridegam gives the Master of Ceremonies a funny look and says.

I don’t think so, brother!

Master of Ceremonies then says:

(smiling innocentlyI just want you to enjoy this fine punch in the same way that I was afforded the opportunity.





Fine . . . let me try it . . . (LTC Bridegam tastes it, gives an inquisitive look and says) This punch is still missing something . . . (LTC Bridegam tells everyone of the surprise missing ingredient – surprise ingredient added – then turns it back over to the MC)

Master of Ceremonies Says:

Master of the Punch and assistants, please serve the mess this wonderfully prepared punch.




Event #6:  Determine Order of Dining

MC: “LTC Bridegam, Sir, after those fine and well thought out toasts, I would ask if we could now feed the many Cadets and guests we have present here tonight.

PMS: “Cadet Stromberg, I concur but how will we decide the order of our dining?”

MC: “Sir I feel a test of the military knowledge of these fine cadets would be in order to determine the order of dining.”

PMS: “Yes a very good idea—however I wish the first question to be directed to my guests at the head table”




MC: “Very well then Sir. Your question: Who in cadet command stands up above his peers......? 

Most efficient in his military tactics and always setting an example for the other cadets……………..?

(MC brushes off his army ribbons)

Not to mention best looking…..?




(MC pulls a mirror from podium and fixes his hair)

(LTC Bridegam looks around the room takes a second then answers)  

PMS: “…….you must be referring to your high speed ……S3”

(MC then says with a slight hesitation)

MC: “Yes sir but of course Boeschling…….. I hope…the Head Table enjoys their meal.”




MC: The Head Table will go first, followed by Tables 2 & 3 (VIP Tables?).

MC: If this is an indication of the Domain Knowledge of our Cadets we’ll Skip the questions. Dinner will now be served. (Chimes the dinner bell)

Skit videos will start to play during dinner (order is MS I, MS II, MS III, and Cadre)

***************(MC Takes Podium to introduce each one)**********




Event #7:  Recess

(At 2010 – upon approval by the PMS to the MC - there will be a 10 minute recess for Latrine break.)

MC: “At this time, there will be a 10-minute recess prior to the introduction of our guest speaker.”

***************(MC Remains at Podium)**********





Event #10:  Presentation of SY 2010-2011 Year in Review

MC: (after everyone is seated): “Tonight we have a special presentation of the Wildcat Battalion Year in Review.   This years preview was produced by the Battalion PAO staff…and aimed at providing a glimpse of Cadet life at K-State.. please dim the lights, crank up the volume and roll the clip….

(MC takes his seat as the Slide Show is started)

Slide show ends and MC takes Podium




MC: “Please join me in a round of applause for our PAO staff”  A special thanks goes out to Cadet Lauren Palmquist, MS II, who once again was an integral part of the making of the videos tonight – please join me in giving her a round of applause.”

MC: “As a token of our thanks to Cadre I would like to ask for a round of applause”

Cadets stand and applaud.




Event #11:  BC Closing Remarks

MC: “At this time I would like to once again introduce our Battalion Commander and the most durable member of the mess... Cadet LTC Sharp for his closing remarks.”

Cadet Sharp takes Podium and for short closing remarks, a little roasting of the MC, and thanks to our guests one more time then turns the podium over to MAJ Hofstra.


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