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American Protective Association

mid 1800s

high patriotism

afraid of: 1. radicals 2. race 3. different religions

worried about being true white

anglos, saxons, nordics, teutonics all had good qualities

spain, italy, greeks, slavs all had bad qualities

Irish are from west europe = bad

bringing other immigrants in will dilute the "best" race

also worried about catholicism - don't like that they answer to the pope.

Hush Arbors

Slave Christianity (late 18th, early 19th c.)

in the dark - very quiet

did not want the owners to know

"steal away to Jesus"

significance: at night so that slave owners would not know

Separating Congregationalists


Church of England was tainted, the solution was to walk away and create a new church

left to go to Holland then to N. Am.

significance: left church of england, settled in the New world, eventually joined back with the puritans, helped set up an education system.



originally came from the Iberian pennisula

faired very well under Moor rule, not under christians

1492, Ferdinand/Isabella issued an order expelling all jews from the penninsula (had a choice - could either convert or leave)

those that left went to the Netherlands - some left and came to New Amstradam

spoke Ladino

Significance: first jews in N. Am.

William Penn

Pennsylvania - religious tolerance (founded in 1681)


converted as an adult because dissatisfied with C of E.


no clergy, no pulpit, no alter - only chairs

silent - until spirit comes to speak

founder of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia

significance: religious tolerance


17th century

Farms owned by the Anglican Church in VA

legislature created these farms

farms helped to support the church - homes, property (including slaves) - supported by the civil gov't

significance: combination of church and state, gov't supporting church, church owning slaves

Thomas Paine

wrote Age of Reasons 1793

Revelation: only one person can have a revelation, after that it becomes heresay.

God is understood through nature

if heresay is inadmissable in a court why is it okay in the bible?

significance: different understanding of God, God in nature, God through revelation, God through reason.

Ann Hutchinson

came to MBC in 1634 with her husband following John Cotton - strict calvinism


preached against Arminianism: you can prepare yourself for grace - you can do something to merit yourself for grace.

Cotton believed that if one followed this theory you were denying God's omnipotence - god is omnipotent and you are helpless

believed that when god decides to save you your sould is replaced by the holy spirit.

could not tell if you were saved through your actions

people who had the holy spirit in them could tell who else was saved

put on trial in 1637

trial turned when Hutchinson admitted that God's voice was coming through her - god spoke directly to her (problem: god's word is only revealed in the bible)

Banished to RI

significance: followed calvin completely, helps to understand the dissent going on at this time.

Vision Quest

Oglala Sioux - Native American Religion

performed by young men

head away from communitiy with a holy guide

fast/pray for several days

find spirit that provides special knowledge

uses experience to share with community - not private

Significance: understand native americans, concept of time/kinship, importance of spirits.

Anxious Bench


in the front of church, used by Finney

can be preached at and prayed at

people are moved here when they appeared to be close to conversion

very efficient - new measures

significance: helped to build more members faster, focused on moment of conversion, prayer/preaching fixes everything, all about the emotions

American Colonization Society

founded in 1816

an anti-slavery effort to purchase slaves and send them to Africa. This failed attempt sought to separate the races and was displaced by the larger, more vehement evangelical abolitionist movement. It began the discussion over slavery, dispite its racist ideas.

Ann Lee


born in England

converted to the Quaker faith as an adult

split with quakers and came to American in 1774

set up a community who believed they were living in the time of Christ's second coming

lived their lives in a state of perfection - hardwork, be industrious, have a neat life, simple buildings, clothes, furniture.

live a celibate life - men/women should live separately but communally, adopted children out of orphanages, had to rely on conversions - only 3 left

named shakers because of their dances

significance: started the Shaker faith, explosion of religious thought/diversity, religious freedom=new religions.

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