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What are three ethical principles that help guide clinal decision making?

1. Self determination (patient has the right to make decisions)

2. Beneficence (preventing harm)

3. Social justice (everyone should be treated the same, with respect and quaily care)


A nurse has recently been assigned to a medical-surgical clinical rotation. According to the scope of medical-surgical nursing, what type of client assignments does the nurse expect to see

A. Hospitalized children with acute and chronic illnesses

B. Hospitalized adults with acute and chronic illnesses

C. Older adults in a nursing home

D. Working adults in a corporate setting

Answer is B.The scope of medical-surgical nursing, sometimes called adult health nursing, is to promote health and prevent illness or injury in clients from 18 to 100 years of age or older. The most common practice setting is the acute care hospital.

Which principal nursing actions best support a focus on client safety? Select all that apply


Answer is B, C, and E. Correct Feedback:

Correct: The number one way to prevent infection in clients! This is a major method that facilitates a safe care environment for the client.
Correct: Checklists can help prevent mistakes in care for a surgical client, thus ensuring a safe environment.
Correct: Adhering to the five rights of medication administration helps to prevent errors in this important nursing care activity, providing for increased safety in client care.
Incorrect Feedback:
Incorrect: Although restraints may help clients who are confused to keep from hurting themselves, they are potentially risky and are used infrequently because of the harm they can cause.
Incorrect: Respect is an important element in client care, but it is not directly tied to the provision of a safe care setting.
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