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Definition: A broad term used to describe emerging technologies, and network architecture designs used to migrate voice and data networks into a single network.

Explanation: Convergence technologies are used in media and the business world so people can see and hear each other inexpensively from all over the world.

Examples: VoIP, Digital Video Broadcasting, Voice Call Continuity



Definition: The live exchange and mass articulaton of of information amoung several persons and machines remote from one another but linked by a telecommunications system.

Explain: Teleconferencing is used mainly in big corporations that spread out over a large area because they are cheap and inexpensive. They include one or more of the following: audio, video, and/or data services like telephone, computer, or television.

Examples: ACT Conferencing, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, InterCall.


Definition: A set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously.

Explanation: Videoconferencing is normally done over the Internet and requires a high band with, microphone, and webcam to use it to its fullest extent. Normally, two users will get on a site that offers videoconfercening and "call" eachother over the Internet. They are then able to both hear and see what the other is saying or doing currently at the same time.

Examples: Skype, Picturephone


Definition: Working at home by modem, as do many programmers, accountants, and other information workers.

Explain: Telecommuting us used mainly by people who want flexibility in their schedule and whose jobs do not require them to commute every day. They can be "in the workplace" by using different mediums such as videoconferencing and teleconferencing or just the basic email.

Digital Television

Definition: Transmitting a broadcast signal by encoding it as 0s and 1s the digital code used in computers.

Explain:  DTV can be compressed to provide four, five, or more channels in the same bandwidth required for one channel of the current standard television, better sound, and about five times more picture information (picture elements, or pixels) than conventional television.

Examples: Samsung Professional LCD DTV

Pull Technology

Definition: Technology in which browsers on client computers pull information from server machines. The browser needs to initiate a request before any information is delivered.
Explain: With pull technology the client is pulling information out of a search to find the information that they need, with this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes important for website companies.

Examples: Using Google to search about buying a dog.

Push Technology

Definition: Technology in which information is delivered automatically to a client computer. The user subscribes to a service and the server delivers that information periodically and unobtrusively. Contrast with pull technology.
Explain: Push technology is another way of attracting customers to a site by continuously alerting them about upcoming events or sales without their specific request. The downside to this is that many consumers ignore the messages when they are sent.

Examples: Email Blasts, notifications

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