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PSYCH 2301 Exam #2 Review [abcd]
Ch. 3, 5 & 6 of Psychology: Concepts and Connections, 9th Ed: [Developmental/biological psychology, Drugs & consciousness, Conditioning]
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1. The placenta is fully formed at what week?

a. 2nd week
b. 5th week
c. 8th week
d. 12th week
1. Answer: (d) 12th week
2. Veronica wants to become a scientist. She is really interested in researching how chemicals in our environment cause birth defects in babies. What field of study is Veronica most likely to enter?

a. viability
b. oncology
c. teratology
d. laproscopy
2. Answer: (c) teratology
3. Which of the following is an example of contact comfort?

a. Jose rubs his little baby boy's back to help him sleep.
b. Magdalena embraces her mother before she dies.
c. Lori holds her friends hand when they cross the street.
d. Jackson sleeps next to his wife when she is sick.
3. Answer: (a) Jose
4. Janice is an 8th month old baby. She is starting to respond a great deal to people's voices and talking. She is most likely in what stage of Piaget's Sensorimotor Theory?

a. stage 1
b. stage 3
c. stage 4
d. stage 5
4. Answer: (b) stage 3
5. Marsha is a 4yo child. When she looks at the clock in the room, she always thinks it is 10:00 A.M. and it never changes. This is an example of:

a. irreversibility
b. conservation
c. egocentric thinking
d. static reasoning
5. Answer: (d) static reasoning
6. Which of the following is an example of scaffolding?

a. Jack writes out detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to cook scrambled eggs for his daughter.
b. Latasha sings flawlessly at her local church choir.
c. Kaleb attempts to schedule work, school, and taking care of his family.
d. Heather caresses her small infant child as she feeds her during lunch.
6. Answer: (a) Jack
7. Lauren is a 5yo girl. When Lauren her mom leaves Lauren at the babysitter, Lauren screams, cries, and refuses to let go of her mother. This may be an example of what type of attachment?

a. insecure-avoidant
b. insecure-despondent
c. insecure-resistant
d. insecure-neurotic
7. Answer: (c) insecure-resistant
8. The Lee family is trying to save money for their son's college tuition. After lunch, the entire family sits down to talk about how each family member can pitch in to save money. This may be an example of what type of parenting:

a. authoritarian
b. authoritative
c. permissive
d. communicative
8. Answer: (b) authoritative
9. Which of the following is an example of a personal fable?

a. During lunch at school Brad announces, "I am going to be the first Asian-American president of the United States of America! So you all better listen to whatever I say!"
b. At camp, Kelly tells all her new friends that she has a crush on the camp counselor.
c. Bobby decides to drive 110 miles per hour on the highway because he does not believe he will ever get hurt.
d. Will gets his eyebrows plucked because he thinks everyone stares at him in school.
9. Answer: (a) Brad
10. Darla is 17yo. In the bathroom, Darla tells her friends, "My parents hate smoking. They always complain about cigarettes. So, I'm going to start smoking cigarettes and crack just to piss them off!" This is an example of:

a. foreclosure
b. negative identity
c. identity diffusion
d. identity moratorium
10. Answer: (b) negative identity
11. Stanley believes that opening car doors for women and paying for their dinners is the right thing to do during a date because it is socially expected of good moral men. This is an example of what stage of Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development?

a. stage 2
b. stage 3
c. stage 4
d. stage 5
11. Answer: (b) stage 3 "Good girl, Nice boy"
12. Our bodies attempt to readjust itself biologically to a state of balance whenever we stress it out. This is state is known as:

a. suspended animation
b. thermoregulation
c. ergonomics
d. homeostasis
12. Answer: (d) homeostasis
13. Silvia knows that the fraction ½ is also equal to 50%. This is an example of what type of intelligence?

a. fluid
b. crystallized
c. demonstrative
d. predicated
13. Answer: (b) crystallized
14. Tom has Alzheimer's Disease. When his family visits him, Tom is completely mute and does not respond to anyone. Tom is most likely in what stage of Alzheimer's Disease?

a. stage 1
b. stage 2
c. stage 4
d. stage 5
14. Answer: (d) stage 5
15. Which of the following is not a stage of Kubler-Ross' Stages of Dying?

a. denial
b. frustration
c. depression
d. acceptance
15. Answer: (b) frustration
16. Right now, as you read this question, you are aware of the upcoming exam in psychology. According to Freud, this information is in your:

a. conscious
b. preconscious
c. unconscious
d. retroconscious
16. Answer: (b) preconscious
17. REM sleep is also known as:

a. paradoxical sleep
b. connative sleep
c. reticular sleep
d. ubiquitous sleep
17. Answer: (a) paradoxical sleep
18. Which of the following is likely an example of sleep apnea?

a. Carlos falls asleep suddenly while walking to the store.
b. Andy tosses and turns in his bed and cannot fall asleep.
c. Stacy snores extremely loudly at night.
d. Todd experiences severe nightmares and wakes up sweating.
18. Answer: (c) Stacy
19. What is the term that describes when our brain shuts down because of too much alcohol consumption?

a. alcohol dehydration
b. alcohol poisoning
c. alcohol lesion
d. alcohol comatosis
19. Answer: (b) alcohol poisoning
20. Drugs like crack/cocaine and nicotine are classified as what type of drugs?

a. depressants
b. stimulants
c. barbiturates
d. hallucinogenics
20. Answer: (b) stimulants
21. Bernida reads a magazine ad that shows a glamorous model wearing a new brand of nail polish. She then runs to the local store and buys some! In this scenario, what is the unconditioned stimulus?

a. the nail polish
b. buying the nail polish
c. running to the store
d. feeling glamorous
21. Answer: (d) glamorous model
22. Every time Fernando sees a bowl of cereal he gets hungry. When walking around town, he sees a bowl of soup instead, but he still gets hungry. This example may illustrate the classical conditioning concept of:

a. generalization
b. extinction
c. discrimination
d. spontaneous recovery
22. Answer: (a) generalization
23. Eddie has a big fear of cockroaches. The psychologist has Eddie sit in a bathtub filled with cockroaches to help him get over his fear. This is an example of what therapeutic technique?

a. counter-conditioning
b. drowning sensitization
c. negative reinforcement
d. in vivo flooding
23. Answer: (d) in vivo flooding
24. Conner is newly married and dislikes his new mother-in-law. In order to help Conner quit smoking, his wife tells him, "If you stop smoking, then you won't have to visit my mother (Conner's mother-in-law) anymore!" This is example of:

a. positive punishment
b. negative punishment
c. positive reinforcement
d. negative reinforcement
24. Answer: (b) negative reinforcement
25. Kevin is 10yo. To get Kevin to clean up his room, they buy him a new toy. However, they only buy Kevin one new toy after he cleans his room every 10 times. This is an example of what type of reinforcement schedule?

a. fixed-interval
b. variable-interval
c. fixed-ratio
d. variable-ratio
25. Answer: (c) fixed-ratio
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