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When determining the least restrictive environment (LRE) for a student with disabilities, the student's IEP team should be guided primarily by which of the following factors?

A.  the credentials and experience of the district professionals who are available to work with the student

B.  the frequency, duration, and intensity of the identified services needed by the student

C.  the relative costs of the modifications, services, and placement options being considered for the students

D.  the collective opinion of the service providers who have previously worked with the students

According to Part C of the IDEA, which of the following instruments is used to document and guide early intervention services for infants and toddlers with developmental delays?



C.  Section 504 Plan


The parents of a student with a physical disability are unable to attend an IEP team meeting for their child.  During the meeting, the IEP team recommends modifications to the student's transportation services and mobility supports.  In this situation, the IEP team's next responsibility would be to:

A.  notify the providers of the student's transportation services and mobility supports about the upcoming changes

B.  conduct a reevaluation of the student's need for other instructionsl supports and related services in light of the modifications

C.  note the parents' absence at the IEP meeting in the student's IEP file and make plans to implement the modifications

D.  document the IEP modifications and their reasons for recommending them and send this information to the parents

A second grader with ASD has been attending a general education class for several weeks.  The student has spend most of her time wtih a paraeducator in a private area of the classroom working on activities designed to prepare her for inclusion in the class.  Although  the general education teacher is aware that the students's IEP specifies that she be included with her peers, the teacher has made little effort to involve her in the class activities.  The special education teacher decides to speak with the general education teacher about including the student more in the classroom, facilitating the student's class participation and modeling ways to engage her productively with peers.  The special education teacher's actions in this situation best demonstrate her understanding of how to:

A. reflect on personal biases as related to teaching students with disabilities

B. advocate for the needs and rights of individual students with disabilities

C. engage in lifelong professional growth as related to teaching students with disabilities

D.  fulfill the role of consultant to school personnel who serve students with disabilities

Which of the following is a guarenteed right of due process for parents/guardians of children with disabilities?

A.  selecting a special education teacher within their school district to be their child's main teacher

B.  determining which assessments will be administered to their child by each member of a school's multidisciplinary evaluation team

C.  viewing their child's comprehensive educational records at ant point during the school year

D.  providing a pecific sequence of goals for their child's teachers and other service providers to address withing a given school year

The theories and philosophies of Maria Montessori most strongly influenced which of the following approaches  to special education?

A.  Family members should be involved in working in the classroom of a child needing special education services.

B.  Education should occur in a highly structured an ordered manner based on each child's chronological age.

C.  A child with a disablilty needs to begin vocational training as soon as possible in the child's educational career.

D.  Learning activities should be adjusted to each child's unique abilities, skills, and interests.

In which of the following ways does the agreement reached inGaskin v. Pennsylvania Department of Educationmost directly relate to the mandates of the IDEA?

A.  It provides funding to enable the IDEA-mandated participation of students with disabilities in extracurricular and nonacademic activities.

B. It clarifies the meaning and execution in PA schools of the IDEA requirement that students with disabilities be educated with students without disabilities to the maximum extent possible.

C. It requires that the IDEA-mandated free and appropriate education for students with disabilities provision include requiring necessary supplementary aids and services at public expense.

D.  It defines the progression of placements in the continuum of placements required by the IDEA for students with disabilities.

A special educator co-teaches in a first-grade classroom.  One of the students has a pragmatic language disorder and recieves services from an SLT within the classroom twice a week.  The student would likely benefit most from these services if the teachers use which of the following strategies?

A.  arranging for the SLT to support the student during circle time and cooperative group times

B.  establishing a work area in a quiet corner of the room to reduce distractions while the student and the SLT work together

C.  scheduling the SLT to work with the student during classroom discussions to help clarify any statements he makes

D.  choosing a peer in the class to work with the SLT and the student on a regular basis

A new middle school special education teacher will be working with an experienced paraeducator who will assist in providing services to students in the special education program.  Which of the following steps would be most effective for the teacher to takefirst as he prepares for his initial meeting with the paraeducator?

A.  gathering anecdotal information about the paraeducator from other teachers who have worked with her

B.  compiling a comprehensive list of program needs and associated tasks for a paraeducator to complete

C.  asking the paraeducator to provide a resume and other documentation of her work experience

D.  familiarizing himself with the defined roles and expecations for paraeducators in his district

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