Ukulele chord drills

Test your knowledge of ukulele chords! When the flash card window pops up, select the auto-flip option. Enlarge the popup window so you can see the whole diagram. Then, as chord names pop up, form the chord on your ukulele, and see if the chord you made matches the diagram when the flash card is flipped.


Ukulele Chords 1 - Major (GCEA tuning) - Quiz yourself on ukulele chords
Ukulele Chords 2 - Minor (GCEA tuning) - Test your knowledge of the minor chords!
Ukulele Chords 3 - Dominant 7th (GCEA tuning) - Work on memorizing the 7th chords on ukulele!
Ukulele Chords 4 - Minor 7th (GCEA tuning) - Try out the minor 7th chords on the ukulele!

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