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Nursing Informatics
Chapter 22 Informatics Tools to Promote Patient Safety
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A safety culture is a blame-free environment where individuals are able to report errors or near misses without fear of reprimand or punishment. Conversely, a just culture emphasizes individual accountability and
[image] encourages workarounds in the interest of saving time as long as no harm occurs
[image] encourages error reporting and seeks to understand workflow and process issues that lead to errors
[image] emphasizes zero tolerance for reckless behavior
[image] b and c
An adverse event response team works to
[image] anticipate workflow issues and develop processes and procedures to promote safety
[image] reenact or simulate adverse events to better understand the organizational or procedural processes that failed
[image] counsel and/discipline employees who engage in risky or reckless behaviors
[image] All of the above
Electronic prompts in a technology based medication administration system warn against the possibility of drug interaction, allergy or medication overdose when
[image] the physician enters the order in the CPOE system
[image] the pharmacist verifies and dispenses the medication
[image] the nurse prepares to administer the medication
[image] All of the above
Key aspects of the Informatics Nurse Specialist Role (INS) in patient safety include
[image] ensuring that the technology systems are properly configured and maintained
[image] routinely monitoring and checking these systems while making sure that their human potential, the users, are capable of using the systems accurately to avoid errors
[image] participating actively in the SDLC to ensure adoption of a robust tool that provides meaningful information and enhances patient care while preventing errors and promoting patient safety
[image] All of the above
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