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Social Studies
11th Grade

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___ _____ went against _____ rules Friday by washing ____ of not only Priests, but of women and non-christians. The Pope has been going against the rule of washing only Priest’s feet since Holy Thursday last year, when he washed the feet of two Muslims and two women, but sparked more controversy on Good Friday by visiting a home for the elderly and disabled. The Pope believes that it does not matter whose feet are being washed but that the spirit behind the gesture is sustained.
1.Pope Francis
The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (____) outside of ______ has been shut down due to a radiation leak. The plant has been shut down since ______, but there have been high radiation spikes outside of the plant in recent weeks. On Wednesday crews inspected the facility to try and locate the leak, and found that ____ was the source of the leak. Due to dangerous levels of radiation, federal officals will use robots to inspect the area around Panel 7. 21 workers have tested positive for radiation.
2.Carlsbad, New Mexico
3.February 14th
4.Panel 7
The town of ____, South Dakota has raised ____ in 24 hours to complete the funds for a new community center. The city had already raised $4 million but was still half a million dollars short of what they needed. The town had less than 24 hours before the city council meeting to raise the money, and the town pulled through. DeSmet has little more than 1000 residents, but wants to expand.
According to South Korea, ____ ____ has stepped up its activity at its main nuclear test site, possibly to carry out a __ underground test. The North Koreans under Kim Jung Un have said they wouldn’t rule out “a new form nuclear test.” Some experts believe that ‘new test’ would be uranium bomb rather than the current plutonium bomb.
1.North Korea
A “massive and unprecedented” assault against __ _____ fighters in ___ appears to be targeting high-level operatives of the terrorist network. It is unclear who those targets are, however, the Yemen gov’t says it has killed dozens of al Qaeda members in the ____ _____. These attacks are in addition to U.S. drone strikes over the weekend on an al Qaeda training camp. By Monday night, at least 65 militants, some from neighboring Saudi Arabia and 3 civilians were killed in the attacks and drone strikes.
Definition Qaeda
3.arabian peninsula
The boy scouts of america has revoked the charter of a Seattle church that refused to fire its packs gay scoutmaster. Pack and ____ __ is composed of 15 boys and was lead by 49 year old ____ _____. The church says they and all the boys were aware of McGrath’s sexual orientation and his selection is in line with the church’s philosophy of being open to all people. The group has changed their policy on allowing gay troop members into the Boy Scouts but not scout leaders. The BSA’s policy is essentially “___ ___ ___ ___.”
1.Troop 98
2.Geoff McGrath
3.don’t ask don’t tell
____ still persists to use ____ weapons even after the international deal between the U.S, Russia, and Syrian President ____ _____ that would remove chemical warfare from the country. Syria found a loop hole in the deal Chemical gas was not on the list that was submitted to the _____________ (OPCW). Chlorine gas when inhaled turns into hydrochloric acid in the lungs, which can lead to internal burning and drowning through a reactionary release of water in the lungs. This will increase violence in the civil war that is now in its fourth year
3.Bashir al-Assad
4.Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
In ____ ____, SD a group of South Dakotans celebrating Earth Day want the old ____ mines cleaned up, have the old mines shut down and new mines denied. Protester claim the ____ River contains uranium from the old mines.
1.Black Hills
A family in ___ ____ is suing the school because them saying the Pledge of Allegiance which has the phrase “under God” discriminates Atheists. The lawyer for the school school district ___ ____ says the district is merely following a state law that requires them to say the pledge every day he says that those who do not believe their god or any god at all does not have to participate in the Pledge. The phrase was added in ____.
1.New Jersey
2.David Rubin
South ____ rebels separate residents by ethnicity before killing them. Residents took shelter in churches, mosques, and hospitals. 200 were killed in one mosque alone. images of stacked bodies found in mosques, patients murdered at hospitals, and dozens shot in the streets and at a church. The two groups that are fighting are the ____ ___ ____ due to a power struggle from the Nuer leader ___ ____ and current President ___ ___. The attacks also included the Darfuris.
2.Nuer and Dinka
3.Riek Macher
4.Salva Kiir
Georgia Gov. ____ ____ signed House Bill 60 which specifies where ____ residents can carry weapons. Included are parts that allow people with concealed carry permits to take guns into bars, churches, school zones, government buildings, and certain parts of airports.
1.Nathan Deal
Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice ___ ____ upheld Michigan referred law banning the use of racial criteria in college admissions which is a part of the legal battle involving affirmative action. It keeps any publicly funded college granting “preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.” Many argue that affirmative action is now causing ‘reverse’ discrimination when it comes to college admittance.
1.John Roberts
In ______, Authorities were able to stop an ambitious drug ring being ran through some of their best schools. 25 year old Neil Scott and 18 year old Timothy Brooks, were behind what they called the “main line take-over project”. They had numerous subordinates and were trying to get drugs of all kinds sold to prestigious schools. These drugs included ____ ____ __ _____. Eight other people have been arrested, an arrest warrant is out for another, and there are petitions for the arrests of two juveniles.
2.marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy
The South Dakota High School Activities Association in _____ is considering a policy on transgender students. This policy would allow students to participate in events according to their identified gender and not their assigned gender. Schools must first review gender requests by transgender students or guardians and decide which team the student can participate on. A ________________ will make the final ruling. This committee contains experts of transgender health and gender identity.
2.Gender Identification Eligibility Committee
n ____ South Korea, a ferry sank on April ___. The families faith is starting to disappear with over 159 bodies found and 475 people on it, 325 of them being students. There have been seven arrests made, including the captain ___ _______. The crew told the students to stay in their cabins while the ferry had started to sink. The students did as told and stayed while the __ crew members escaped. Surviving students say they never heard any alarms to evacuate and the crew is now being charged with the deaths caused. A memorial has been made with pictures of the students and a screen showing what each parent sent and also texts students sent to their parents saying they loved them as the ferry sank.
3.Lee Jun-seok
______’s Security Cabinet announced the country won’t hold peace negotiations with Palestinian government backed by the militant movement, Hamas. Israeli’s Prime Minister, ____ ____, is not happy with the Palestinian President, ____ ____, when he, “formed an alliance with a murderous terrorist organization that calls for the destruction of Israel.” The Hamas has fired 10,000 missiles and rockets at Israeli territory.
2.Benjamin Netanyahu
3.Mahmoud Abbas
More federal prisoners serving sentences for non-violent crimes can apply for clemency, forgiveness of their crime, after the ____ __ ____ announced new rules that would broaden the criteria for clemency. This is expected to lead to thousands of prisoners-most serving drug sentences-filling out applications to President ____ ____ seeking to commute their sentences. These modifications are to modify sentences that are outdated and harsh and allowing rehab and other alternatives for drug offenders. Prisoners have to meet conditions: ___________________________________________________________.
1.Department of Justice (DOJ)
2.Barack Obama
3.low-level, clean prison record, do not present a danger public safety, serve 10 years and sentenced out-of-date laws that have been changed.
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