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Under what conditions would a 1-3/4" thick hollow metal door be used?


A) when a fire rating of over 90 minutes and high security and durability are required

B) when a fire rating over 1 hour is required or a steel frame is necessary

C) when the door opening is excpected to receive heavy use and a smoke prof opening is required

D) when the door will receive minimal maintenance under heavy use


1. A


Option B is incorrect because a soli-core wood door in a steel frame could be used to meet the conditions. Option C is incorrecr because a smoke-proof opening can be achieved with a wood door as well as with a hollow metal door. Option D is a possible choice, but minimal maintenance under heavy use does not necessarily imply a metal door.


What type of system would be most appropriate in large commercial remodeling project where the decorative acoustical ceiling and plenum access are required ?


A) integrated

B) linear metal strip

C) gypsum wallboard

D) concealed spline


D is correct.


Plenum access precludes the use of gypsum wallboard for the ceiling. Both integrated ceilings and linear metal strip provide for some access, but their cost in a large commercial project would not be warranted. An integrated ceiling may be a good choice, but the question does not give enough information about the parameters of the problem to make this a reasonable option.


The purpose of a SETTING BLOCK is to:


A) seal the gap between edges of butt glazing

B) cushion the glass against the frame

C) hold the glass in place

D) support the glass' weight and separate its edge from the bottom frame


D is corect


Caulking or sealant seals the gap between butt glazing. A glazing bead cushions the glass again the frame. Glazing tape or putty cushions the glass against the frame. Setting blocks support the weight of the glass and separate it from the bottom frame.


In partition construction, the purpose of resilient channels is to


A) increase the thickness of the parition

B) increase the acoustical properties of the partition

C) increase the strength of the partition

D) provide a suitable base for attaching wallboard over masonry


B is correct


A resilient channel allows the gypsum wallboard to attached to it to "bounce" when sound strikes it and minimizes the transmission of sound through the wall.


What hourly rated door should be used in a 2-hour-rated stairway enclosure?


A) 45 minute

B) 1 hour

C) 1 1/2 hour

D) 2 hour


C is correct.


A 2-hour rated stairway enclosure requires a 1-1/2-hour rated door.


What construction should be used to enclose a 1-hour-rated corridor ?


A) 1/2" Type X gypsum wallboard on 3-5/8" metal studs

B) 5/8" Type X gypsum wallboard on 3-5/8" metal studs

C) two laters of 1/2" Type X gypsum wallboard on 2-1/2" metal studs

D) 3/4" gypsum wallboard on 3-5/8" metal studs


B is correct.


Although there are several ways to achieve a 1-hour rating, a single later of 5/8" Type X wallboard is the easiest and least expensive. The size of the studs i not a critical variable. Two layers of 1/2" wallboard or the special 3/4" rated wallboard would work, but these are more than is required.


1/2" Type X wallboard can only achieve a 45-minute rating unless there is a veneer finish.

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