Flashcards on your iPod® with iStudyToGo

If you have an iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® please see our app available on the App Store.

Using the iStudyToGo software, Windows users with an iPod Classic, Mini or Nano can study their Flashcard Machine content on the go.

We have teamed up with iStudyToGo to offer you a special 10% discount on their software.

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Once you download and install the software, use the Import Flashcard Sets from Flashcard Machine option to import a set of cards. You will need a special code for each set you want to import. That code is accessible via the Export to iPod button on the Manage Flashcard Set screen within MyFlashcards.

Please note:

Currently iStudyToGo supports third generation or later iPod® Classics, all iPod® mini's, and all iPod® nano's. iStudyToGo is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. iStudyToGo does not currently work on Macs, the iPhone®, or the iPod touch®. Flash cards with images, audio, or custom formatting are not compatible.

Supporting users have an ad free experience!