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Supervision and Human Relations
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List the five functions of management and briefly define each function.
Planning – setting goals and deciding courses of action, development procedures, and forecasting results
Organizing – identifying jobs to be done, delegating authority, and coordinating the work
Staffing – finding good candidates for jobs and then training, compensating, and overseeing them
Leading – influencing other people to get the job done, maintaining morale, and managing conflicts
Controlling – setting standards, comparing performance, and taking coercive action if required
List 4 types of workforce trends and give an example of each.
Demographic – percentage of Asians and black people is rising in the workforce
Generation Y – they seek out creative challenges and view colleagues as resources
Retirees – there are not enough young workers to replace the aging older workforce
Non-traditional workers – those who hold multiple jobs, part-time workers, and people working in alternate work arrangements
List 6 types of power a leader might have.
Position, reward, coerce or punish, expert, referent, control over information
List and briefly describe the 4 leadership styles described in Hershey’s Situational Leadership Model
Delegating – turn over responsibilities for decisions and implementation
Participating – share ideas and facilitate in decision making
Selling – explain decisions and provide opportunity for clarification
Telling – provide specific instructions and closely supervise performance
Define transformation leader
those who bring about change, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Describe the 5 areas that are included in organizing and list 3 ways to organize a business
1. Identifying the jobs to be done
2. Establishing departments
3. Delegating authority to subordinates
4. Establishing a chain of command
5. coordinating the work of subordinates

1. simple numbers
2. functions
3. product, consumer, or geographic
List the five sections that should be included in a job description and briefly describe what is included in each section
1. Job Identification – specifies the title of the job
2. Job summary – should describe the general nature of the job, listing major functions
3. Responsibilities and Duties – describes each of the job’s major duties in detail
4. Authority – defines the limits of the job holder’s authority. What they are in charge of and who they report to
5. Working conditions and physical environment – lists the general working conditions involved in the job
What is the difference between a line manager and a staff manager?
A line manager has the right to issue orders to other supervisors or employees. A staff manager has the right to advise other supervisors or employees.
List the 5 stages of team development and briefly describe each
Forming – introduction, establishing goals, responsibilities, building relationships, figuring out how to work together
Storming – addressing concerns/questions, establishing leadership
Norming – agree on purpose of goal, emphasize loyalty and individual needs
Performing – getting the job done to meet and achieve goals
Adjourning – leaving on a good note, getting closure
List the 5 signs of a productive team
1. Civility and good manners
2. Clear direction and goals
3. Clear roles
4. Healthy information relations
5. Consensus decision making
List 3 advantages of group decision making
1. More points of view
2. More solutions
3. More likely to buy in
What are the 7 steps in conducting an effective interview?
1. Review job description
2. Structure the interview
3. Get organized
4. Establish rapport
5. Ask questions and take notes
6. Close the interview
7. Review the interview
List 3 types of interview questions and give an example of each type
1. Behavioral – Were you ever in a situation where you had to deal with someone who wasn’t a team player?
2. Background – Do you have any certifications or awards?
3. Situational – What would you do if you found yourself in a situation where you had to work closely with someone who had a very negative attitude all the time?
List 3 things a supervisor can do to influence how fair their employees perceive their actions
1. Ask employee opinion about decisions that affect them
2. Help them understand why final decisions were made
3. Help them know company standards and how they are judged
Define ethics
Standards of conduct based on what’s right and what’s wrong
List the 6 steps of a termination interview
1. Plan
2. Get to the point
3. Describe the situation
4. Listen
5. Review severance package
6. Identify next step
Name 4 grounds for dismissal
1. Unsatisfactory performance
2. Misconduct
3. Lack of qualifications
4. Changed requirements of job
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