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  • Since it began in 1971 as a 1 room store at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Starbucks Coffee today is the world's leader in the retail specialty coffee market. 
  • With its headquarters still in Seattle, today it has a truly global presence, with operations in all 50 states and over 43 countries.
  • Starbucks company has long had an eye for convenience but a passion for quality.  

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Value:  Starbucks is a brand and an experience.

--> Howard Schulz, founder and CEO has a lot to say on this. In a recent interview he stated:  


"You get more than the finest coffee when you visit a Starbucks - you get great people, first-rate  music and a comfortable and upbeat meeting place,"

--> Starbucks has achieved great success in part because of this      value.  

--> It is committed to total quality in its product and also by building a personal relationship with each customer. 


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--> Starbucks mission is to create value through its commitment to quality and people.

-->This commitment influences how it values and treats its employees.


 --> Starbucks places a huge value on employees (partners) worldwide.

--> Howard Schulz has gone further and stated that he believes their employees are the cornerstone of the business success.

--> It is the human connection to customers that is one of the essential elements in the Starbucks Experience and part of its recipe for success.  

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