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A nurse is obtaining a health history from a patient who has a new diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. What question related to the skin would be most important for the nurse to ask this patient?

A) Do you have any skin lesions that have changed in size or shape?

B) have you noticed any recent changes in the way sores or wounds heal?

C) is your sleep interrupted by severe episodes of itching at night?

D) What changes if any have you noticed in your skin hair and nails?


An elderly patient is admitted to the hospital with dehydration. The nurse expects which finding?

A) the temp of the skin is warm, skin is dry

B)the skin is pinched up under the clavicle remains tented for 10 seconds

C) The cap refill time is longer than 3 seconds

D) the skin color is pale with the presence of cool, moist extremeties

B, a loss of skin turgor occurs with dehydration and aging that results in tenting

A patient with thrombocytopenia has small, pinpoint deposits of blood visible through the skin on the anterior and posterior. What term will the nurse use to describe this skin abnormally?


B) Telangiectasia


D) Ecchymosis


C, Petechiae are pinpoint, descrete deposits of blood less than 1-2mm in the tissues and visible through the skin or mucous membranes


Erythema is redness occuring in patches of variable size in shape

Telangiectasia- visibly dilated superficial cutaneous small blood vessels

Ecchyymosis is a large, bruise like lesion caused by a collevtion of extravascular blood in the dermis and subQ tissue


The nurse performs a physical assessment on a dark-skinned Arfrican American patient. What is the best location for the nurse to assess for cyanosis in this patient?

A) Lips

B) Nail Beds

C) Palms of the Hands

D) Conjunctiva of the eye

D, cyanosis will appear ashen or gray color and most easily seen in the conjunctiva of the eye, mucous membranes, and nail beds of dark skinned individuals. 

The nurse is teaching a patient about diagnostic testing for allergic dermatitis. Which statement by the patient demonstrates an understanding of the teaching?

A) I will need to return in a few days to have the patch sites evaluated

B) my skin cells will be stained and examined under the microscope

C) A blood test will confirm the presence of abnormal antibodies

D) The rash will be scraped with a razor blade and cultured

A, patch tests need to be re evaluated after a couple days to check for allergic reactions.

The nurse cares for a patient with impetigo. which action is appropriate for the nurse to take?

A) Don nonsterile gloves to apply topical corticosteroid cream

B) Wear a particulate mask when within 3 ft. of the pt. 

C) Put on a protective gown when entering the room

D) wash hands for 1-2 minutes upon leaving the room

D. Impetigo is a bacterial skin injection

An elderly patient who is diagnosed with herpes zoster (shingles) has draining vesicles. Which action, if observed by the nurse, would require an intervention?

A) Student nurse who takes prednisone requests a different patient assignment

B) Nursing assistant washes hands frequently and wears gloves when in the room

C) the LPN wears a mask when entering the patients room

D) The patient keeps the draining vesicles covered with a dressing

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