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The preoperative nursing assessment is performed to:
o Determine the patient’s psychologic and physiologic factors that may contribute to operative risk factors
o Establish baseline data
o Identify and document the surgical site
o Identify prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and herbal products
o Confirm laboratory results
o Note cultural and ethnic factors that may affect the surgical experience
o Validate that the consent form has been signed and witnessed
preopt teachings
o Three types of information: sensory, process, and procedural.
o Different patients, with varying cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, may want different types of information.
o All teaching should be documented in the patient’s medical record.
o All patients should receive instruction about deep breathing, coughing, and moving postoperatively.
On the day of surgery, the nurse is responsible for the following
o Final preoperative teaching
o Assessment and communication of pertinent findings
o Ensuring that all preoperative preparation orders have been completed
o Ensuring that records and reports are present and complete to accompany the patient to the OR
o Verifying the presence of a signed operative consent
o Laboratory data
o A history and physical examination report
o A record of any consultations
o Baseline vital signs
o Nurses’ notes complete to that point.
Preoperative medications may include the following
o Benzodiazepines and barbiturates for sedation and amnesia
o Anticholinergics to reduce secretions
o Opioids to decrease intraoperative anesthetic requirements and pain
o Additional drugs include antiemetics, antibiotics, eye drops, and regular prescription drugs
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