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MedSurg 1 Legal Issues
MedSurg 1 Legal Issues
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 What are negligence, malpractice, felony and  misdemeanor?


Negligence – is misconduct or practice that is below the standard expected of an ordinary, reasonable, and prudent person






Is the term generally used to describe negligence by professional personnel




There are two classifications of crimes:






Is a crime of a serious nature that has a penalty of imprisonment for greater than 1 year or even death




Is a less serious crime that has a penalty of fine or imprisonment for less than a year




An example of criminal conduct for nurses is misuse of a controlled substance  - misdemeanor


What are advanced directives?

Legal Responsibility concerning the DNR order


Advance Directives


Include a variety of legal and lay documents that allow persons to specify aspects of care they wish to receive should they become unable to communicate their preferences




There are 2 types:




Living wills and durable powers of attorney for health care




Living wills provide specific instructions about what medical treatment the client chooses to omit or refuse in the event that the client is unable to make those decisions




Durable power of attorney for healthcare is a notarized or witnessed statement appointing someone else to manage health care treatment decisions when the client is unable to do so




}      Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order or “no code”




}      Means that no attempts are to be made to resuscitate a client who stops breathing or whose heart stops beating




}      This order is written by  the physician for clients who have a terminal condition, irreversible illness, or expected death




}      A DNR order may be written only after a discussion between the client, client’s family, and designated decision maker and the health care team




A DNR indicates the goals of treatment has changed from restorative to palliative (relief of symptoms) to keep the client comfortable and allow for a dignified death without life-sustaining measures


Physicians are reluctant to write such an order if there is conflict within the family


Difference btw battery and assault?



willful touching of a person which may or may not result in harm



is a threat or attempt to touch another person unjustly


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