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Our Target Market
Point: If you have a task that needs to be done, we want your business. sub point: If you are the busy type or the type to procrastinate we can meet you at the level you need.

Primary Customers
Point: We expect initially for a large portion of our clients to be young adults (likely college students), and adults that will need either help with a complex task or the task needed to be done for them.
sub point: Simple tasks are the easiest way to get familiar with our company given they should be the quickest and most affordable option available.

sub point: We built our finance model on the idea that our services should be available to as many people as possible, and in classifying our tasks we can better service the communities needs.

sub point: Geographically we will be starting in our own backyard. South Florida. Eventually branching into other counties, cities, and states.
Business, Pleasure, or Convenience
Point:Our services can be molded to your lifestyle’s needs. 

sub point: It could be an important business delivery that needs to be sent immediately 
sub point: A gas delivery or tire change 

sub point: or simply doing a little shopping on your behalf, we can work it all out for you quickly and at an affordable price.
Mass Marketing
Point: Promotion of our services will be a core function of our business. 
sub point: Through the use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter we will work to grow our online presence. 

sub point: Through face to face interactions in key locations, neighborhoods and businesses we strive to communicate the personal and human side of our company and how we would treat you as if you were already a customer. 

sub point: Through company promotional incentives to our would-be customers, we show value in giving us an opportunity for your business.
Local City by City Marketing
Point: Every new location, county or city is it’s own market waiting to be serviced. 

sub point: Each agent is from the area they work in, and as a result will be faster, and better able to complete the task. 

sub point: Becoming familiar with the local business lets us grow within that community naturally. 

sub point: Taking a focused approach with the communities culture in mind lets us adjust our marketing campaigns to that demographic
Guerilla Marketing
sub point: We target specific areas of interest to Planet Xpress and generate attention for our company through paper ads and cards.

sub point: This gives friendlier face to our company by enabling potential clients to ask questions and provide feedback to any representatives that would be assigned there. 

sub point: For businesses, providing personalized promotion packages mailed to their establishments keeps us from disrupting their day to day work while at the same time filtering ourselves into the people who might use our services more frequently.
Word of Mouth
Point: The idea of word of mouth translates across all of my topics, to be the company the comes to mind when you think of something that needs to get done.

sub point: Social media and advertising groups make it easier to reach the people you need for your business, initially we intend to do the promotion ourselves and only outsource if it is required.

sub point: Our use of a live feed body camera will bring needed attention to our company. Being able to view in real time how your task is carried out will be a cool thing that people will want to talk about and share with friends.
Point: We travel to local events that would benefit or promote talk about the business.

sub point: These could be night life events (party planning)
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