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Asset:  the resources owned by a company; cash, accts receivable, inventory, FF&E, buildings, real estate


Preventive maintenance:  designed to minimize maintenance costs & prolong life of equipment


Rountine maintenance:  must be preformed on a continual basis




Emergency maintenance:  performed in response to an urgent situation


Engineering:  designing & operating a building to ensure a safe & comfortable atmosphere


HVAC:  heating, ventilating, & air-conditioning


POM:  property operation maintenance; refers to the segment of the income statement that details the costs of operating the maint. dept. 


In order for the maint. dept. to maintain the property in the most effective manner it must be:




Recorded: immensely important




1-3 yrs     Low maint. costs incurred

3-6 yrs     Maint. costs increase

6-8 yrs     Refurbishment req'd; avg maint. costs incurred

8-15 yrs   Minor renovation & refurbishment req'd

15-20 yrs Major renovation & refurbishment req'd

20+ yrs    Restoration req'd; high maint. costs incurred



FF&E Reserve: funds set aside by ownership today for the future FF&E replacement needs of hotel


Restoration:  returning an older hotel to its original, or better than original, condition


Case Goods:  Non-upholstered furniture such as guest room dressers, tables, end tables, and desks.


     GUEST ROOMS             

             Minor Renovation        Major Renovation

              Drapes, bedspreads                 Bed frames, mattresses

                 Lamps, shades                        Wall lights

                 Carpets                                  Wall Vinyl

                 Upholstered furniture              Case goods

                 Faucets                                  Sinks, countertops

                 Mattresses                              TVs              




   Minor Renovation                      Major Renovation

   Carpets, chairs, reupholster booths            Decorative lighting

   Table top decor                                         Tables

    Dishes, flatware                                       Serving equipment

                                                                   Wall coverings




  Minor Renovation                        Major Renovation

  Table lamps, lobby furniture                              Overhead lighting

  Lobby carpet                                                      Corridor carpet

  Lobby wall coverings                                           Corridor vinyl

  Meeting rooms                                                       Restrooms


Maintenance has the most interaction w/ the front office & housekeeping.  The most important ways they interact w/ the front office is:


1. Providing room-status updates 

2. Responding to guest service requests

3. Communicating info about specific hotel conditions


 Chief Engineer:  emp. respon. for the mgmt of hotel's maint. dept.  aka "maint. chief"


Maintenance Chief:  emp. respon. for the mgmt of hotel's maint. dept. aka "chief engineer"


Outsource:  obtain labor or parts frm an outside provider; typically done to reduce costs or obtain specialized expertise




Maintenance Assistants

  • Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Carpentry
  • Water treatment (pools & spas)
  • Landscaping
  • Grounds maint.


Replace as needed:  parts/equip. replacement plan that delays installing a new part until the original part fails or near failure (water pumps)


Total replacement:  parts/equip. replacement plan that involves installing new or substitute parts based on a predetermined schedule (light bulbs high-rise hwy signs)



Work order:  form used to initiate & document a request for maint. AKA "maint. request"


PM (preventive maint.) program:  specific inspection & activities schedule designed to minimize maint.-related costs & to prolong the life of equip. by preventing small problems before they become lrger. ones


Effective PM prgm saves $$ for hotel by reducing:

  • Long-term repair costs
  • Replacement parts costs
  • Labor costs
  • Dollar amt of adjustments & allowances due to guest dissatisfaction
  • Costs of emergency repairs

A good PM program reduces:

  • guest complaints
  • eases the job of the sales staff
  • enhances eye appeal & functionality of hotel
  • improves employee moral

PM checklist:  a tool developed to identify all the critical areas that should be inspected during a PM review of a room, area, or piece of equip.


GFI outlet: "ground fault interrupter"; interrupt pwr before sig. damage can be done to wiring system


Energy Mgmt: specific engineering, maint., & facility-design policies & activities intended to control & reduce energy usage


Energy costs represent as much as 3-15% of total operating costs


Calibration:  adj. of equip. to maximize its effectiveness & operational efficiency


Back-up generator:  used to make limited amts of electricity on-site




Foot-candle: measure of illumination.  One ft. = one lumen per sq. ft.


Incandescent lamp:  filament inside the bulb heated by electrical current to produce light


Electric discharge lamp:  lamp where light is generated by passing electrical current thru a space filled w/ special combo of gases. Fluorescent


Ballast: device in electric discharge lamp that starts, stops, & controls the electrical current to the light


CFL: "compact fluorescent light"; alt. light that uses less energy & lasts longer than incandescent

*energy efficient- use 1/4 energy of trad. bulbs

*cost effective- last 10x longer

*environmentally friendly- less electricity, reduces amt pollution produced


Duct:  passageway, built out of sheet metal, allows fresh, cold, or warm air to be directed to various parts of a building


Air handler:  fans & mechanical systems required to move air thru ducts & to vents


Pilot light: permanent flame used to ignite gas at a burner


Conserving water reduces:


1. # of gallons purchased

2. amt paid for sewage costs

3. water-heating costs bc less hot water must be produced


Source reduction: efforts by prod manuf. to design & ship products in a way the min. pkging

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