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Begining of patient contact or procedure protocol
Undergraduate 1

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Look at physicians orders

Protocol for procedure

Necessary equipment or supplies




Wash, sanitize hands and wear gloves

Explain procedure and reassure client

Locate ID band/ correct client

Comfortable and efficient position for nurse and client

Obtain privacy

Make sure to follow the correct steps and body mechanics with good technique

Ensure saftey and observe deviations of normal




Ensure comfort and saftey

Note questions and concerns from client or nurse; note significant data.

Dispose of materials properly.

Disinfect the area and your hands.

Document and report your findings.




Follow LPN WELCOME STEPS and then

1. determine the number of nurses needed for , the move.

2. postition yoursevles together on same side of bed asuming a broad stance with one foot slightly ahead of the other.

3. position the clients arms on his or her chest.

4. The nurses shift the weight of their bodies and flex the knees, thighs and ankles.

5. slide your arms under the client. one nurse holds the neck and upper torso, the other nurse should lift the hips and thighs.

6. the nurse at the clients head calls signals.

7. On the count of three move the client to the side of the bed closest to the nurses.

8. at the count of three, roll and position the client on his or her side, with the clients body ending up in the center of the bed. Take care to carry out all saftey precautions in the turn.

9. Place a small pillow under the clients head.

10. Place one or two pillows between the clients legs.

11. place a pillow to the back (optional).

12. You may use a lifting sheet in the logroll turn. (This sheet would remain under client before and after the turn.)


Performing Passive

ROM  Exercises


Follow LPN WELCOME steps and then...

1. Lower the side rail and rase the bed. Uncover only the limb to be exercised.

2. Support all joints during exercises.

3. Use slow, gentle movements. Repeat each exercise three times. Stop if the client complains of pain or discomfort.

4. Begin exercises with clients neck and work downward.

5. Flex, extend, rotate the clients neck very slowly. Support his or her head.

   A. Lateral flexion of neck from one shoulder to other  three times, rotate to          right three times rotate to left three times, bring chin to chest three times.

6. Exercise  the clients shoulder and elbow.

   A. Do complete ROM. Abduction, Adduction, Rotation and Flex elbow.

7. Preform all possible movements of clients wrist and fingers.

  A. Flexion, Extention, Supination, Pronation of wrist.

  B. Flex and Extend fingers, Abduct, and Adduct  the fingers.

  C. Rotate the thumb, Adduct and Abduct the thumb.

8. Exercise the clients hip and leg.

  A. Flex and extend  hip and knee while supporting joints.

9. Preform exercises on the ankle and foot.

  A. Plantar flex, and Dorsi flex the foot.

  B. Adbuct and Adduct the toes.

  C. Invert and Evert the foot

10. Raise side rails and repeat steps on other side of the body.

11. Reposition and cover client. Return the bed to the low position, hand call light and raise side rails.

Follow ENDDD steps

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