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3 reasons why one should study the life of Paul


1.  Beause i want the kind of glory on my life that he had           on his

2.  Because i want my life to count like his did for the kingdom- Kingdom impact on lives

3.  because i want to be able to say at the end, "I fought a good fight, i have run the race, and finished my course with joy."

4  Because i want to know Jesus in the Power of His ressurection and the fellowship of his sufferings

what is unique to Paul that effected such radical devotion to Christ and such explosive results?

His vision and call propelled him


His revelation of Jesus and the unfolding mystery


His “extreme” prayer language (partnership with Holy Spirit)


His internal perspective to count all things as dung (zero) to win Christ



3  bible references to the 3 accounts to Saul's conversion



Acts 9:1-19,

Acts 22:3-16,

Acts 26:9-18


list 3 characeristics of what Stalker calls

"the unconcious preparation of his ministry"


1. An incomparable character

2. A great thinker

3. A missionary/apostle to the gentiles

4. The hardest worker

5. A cosmopolitan exposure

  a. Greek-pursue knowledge

  b. Roman-persuade glory

  c. Hebrew-persuade light


date and place of birth: Tarsus- no mean city (cultural)

                                born around the same time as Jesus

                                Roman Citzenship

                                Rabbinical Training

                                knowledge of Greek literature




10 pillars of Paul's system of truth



1. God as Triune- Mankind in the image of God 

2.  Mankind's Fallen state - nature of death

3.  God's Plan of Redemption :Relationship (sonship) and     Rulership 

4.  Jesus' Incarnation- Identification and Substitution (Paul uses prepositions in/for)

5.  Salvation by Faith (crucified with Christ, buried, raised seated in high places)

6.  Man's New Condition in Christ -alive, filled, restored (new Fathered) sin reduced humanity to dehumanity we are less than human by God's standard, Jesus is the real human He shows us in His walk what every human was meant to be, Jesus rehumanizes the human race, sin has no dominion over you

7.  Developing the Spirit Man -exercising the pneuma, external doesn't alter internal

8.  The Church's Participation in Christ's Earthly Ministry

9.  The Church's Participation in His Heavenly Ministry

10.  The Eschaton (end) Inaugurated in Christ, the Kingdom of God is at hand, (Rom. 11:36)


churches birthed as a result of

Paul's First missionary journey in  



Antioch of Pisidia





churches birthed as a result of

Paul's Second missionary journey to

Northern and Southern Greece





possibly Athens




churches birthed as a result of

Paul's missioary strategy on

the Third Missionary Journey 



Open Door at Troas



7 churches of Asia:









what was Paul most likely refering to by

"a thorn in the flesh"


explain the metephor


be ready to explain in simple terms the 

"indicative-imperitive motif"

found in Pauls letters


Indicative mood-

The facts, nothing but the facts

The mood of reality, of fact, as perceived from the seer (the writer’s perspective).

“john is running” “bill is tall” “the room is cold”

Imperative mood-

The Greek mood which indicates  command or appeal-action to take due to the fact

“Sit down” “be quiet” “turn up the heat”

14 times in the first 13 verses, 53 times in the letter, he states the indicative


Basic characteristics of

man's condition in Adam



Flesh-- it designates man in his fallenness, sinfulness and rebellion to God 

Paul sometimes come close to identifying sarx as hostile alien ... but its not body but satan's pull on our flesh

Enemy to God-- man is warring against God -active and passive- our resistance towards Him

Wrath of God-- (Eph. 2:3; John 3:36) NT wrath not to be confused with mythological---

God's wrath is holy hatred the ache when He sees the brokenness of everything He has made.. it is not up and down emotions (GOD has a bad day)

 if you want to see God look at Jesus

wrath is something else than God being mad we screwed up and throwing lightning bolts--- parents anger not at children just angry that they have to suffer because of the decisions that they made

Spiritual and physical death


explain the two "Laws" through which the curse of sin

was reversed for mankind through Christ


Law of Substitution

substitution- the method God used to redeem man was the same satan used to corrupt it: "substitution"- the-one-for all method.  Substitution means "to act in the place of or on behalf of another so that what is done is accredited to another's account; accredited as though the other had done it

2 Cor. 5:14, 19 "for" if one died for all then all are dead. God was in Christ "hugging the world to Himself through Jesus"  Christ took me to the cross with Him and i died there with Him.. i have been crucified with Christ


Law of Identification

Identification " to be considered or treated as the same, alike; to show to be the same as someone or something assumed, described or claimed. to identity: the condition or fact of being the same in all qualities under consideration.

2 cor. 5:21 "in Him"

Acts 5:19,  heart is being purified, 1 john 3:7, 1Tim. 3:16, Gal. 3:13 



Paul  often uses the term "cross" as an iconic

term refering to what series of events?


cross= death, burial resurrection, ascension

Redemption is through faith—Rom. 3:24-25
One Lord, on faith—Eph. 4:5
What God has done in Christ is central
Eph. 2:8
Faith gives access to Grace
Rom. 5:2; Phil. 1:25, 2:17; Eph. 3:12; 1 Cor. 2:5 (Grace is God’s power/ provision at the point of one’s need, 2 Cor. 12:9

what are the three phases of 

Jesus Ministry as eplained in class


which phase is Jesus curently engaged?


1.  Earthly ministry -anointed by the Spirit

healing,preaching, teaching, delivering, miracles

2.  Substituted Sacrifice in our place cross Jehovah lays our sin on Him .. He is judged

3.  Present day ministry: Mediator between man & God



List four titles/roles of Jesus

in His present phase of ministry


1.  Mediator of the New Covenant

2.  Ministry of High Priest

3.  Head of the Church 

4.  Lord of New Creation 


Be ready to write a one-paragraph essay

on Paul's eschatology


The Eschaton (End) Inaugurated in Christ

What is Eschatology?

•Study of the end-times

•From the mindset of First Century Judaism and Christianity it denotes something more specific: Israel’s history, and consequently world history, is moving towards a great climactic moment in which everything would be sorted out once and for all.

•His history becomes out history

Was Paul’s Eschatology Clearly understood? No

•The Corinthians 

•The Thessalonians

•The Romans




be able to match 

Schweitzer, Bultmann, Sanders, Wright

with basic positions (12-21)


Schweitzer- Christ Mysticism (4 key questions)

Bultmann- Christian Existentialism-

no real transformation coping christianity

Sanders-Revolution covanental nomanty..not leagalistic works righteousnes -- keeping law a response to God's covenantal intitative.. not justification, but participation 

Wright-- thoroughly jewish rather than helenistic  





Paul was raised a strict Jewish Monotheist

How did the revelation of Christ impact his monothesism?


How did the trinitarian paradigm affect other aspects of

his revelation of the human person

 &the Church in God's Image?


God as Triune- Mankind in the image of God (Jesus reveals triune nature of God- He is the lens we look through and as we study His teachings, He refocuses our lens 

"By merely eliminating the name of God the Septuagint contributed to the definition of monotheism."- C.H. Dodd (early NT stills sees God as one (often angry)God -fuzzy view

Paul beings to look at God and all of redemption history through the trinitarian lens; it reshapes his view of Law, righteousness, salvation, justification, Spirit, and certainly the relational nature of the Kingdom

(see Fee 38 " the concern of this chapter..) 

the joy dance relationship (circular) "well done" Grahm Buxton Dancing in the Dark

Body of ChristFace-to-FAce

Bride and GroomMutual indwelling

Living Stones/ Templetransparency

one bread one bodykoinonia


Fee's Conclusions

Flexibility- the work of the three Divine Persons overlaps (mutual indwelling)

Clarity- Paul never lacked clarity between the 3 Persons and their distinctive roles

Amalgamated Functionality- not only function trinitarianism (one person acting as 3), but ontological 

(God's very being) trinitarianism (cant explain it, they live it but don't get it)


Fee's Implications

MEMBERSHIP-- the Spirit must be fully reinstated into the Trinity 

(God is here now in Holy Spirit, no sneaking necessary-John 16:23)

BALANCE- -The Triune God is the grounds for both our unity and our diversity in the believing community. (body of Christ many members - one BODY) our culture reals under the imbalances: Management/workers; Government role; affected by how we see God (see one God... vs. the truine God working together WHOLINESS

RELATIONAL-- The Triune nature of God underscores that God is, and always has been, a relational being (Church is relational mirror of a relational God 



N. T. Wright perceives Paul's concept of justification through the lens of three basic characteristics.

What are they?

Why are they necessary for his argument?


work of Jesus as Messiah.. message of King gospel King has come

covenant/Law court- justification issue..


 how God has acted 


9. Explain Paul’s missionary strategy deployed toward the end of his ministry. 



Relational. He spend years with his team members, just as Jesus did.

Local Church. He was local church based (primarily Corinth and Ephesus).

Prophetic. He was part of prophetically functional community

Apostolic Order. He kept moving while others stayed

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