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This is a picture of an Alluvial Fan. In the mountains there is a stream once it

comes down to the basin  the water in the

stream spreads outward like a fan. The

stream of water then is rapidly reduced.

Smaller particles are found on the outside

of the Alluvial Fan, oppose to the Larger

particles where there found in the center of

the fan


Fluvial Environment is produced by the

action of a river or a stream. Usually moving

in an upstream direction, on the current flow.

A Fluvial Environment is a bedform. This process

takes place when the flow is critical. Also the

material is deposited on the upstream side from the

downstream side.


Lacustrine are also known as plains or lakes.

The water that used to be there may have disappeared

By the natural drainage or evaporation that have

Taken place.

Sometimes many of the Lacustrine Environments

Or lakes get filled by the sediments brought down

By the  rivers and within time they turn into dry empty

Plains. After this what is left behind can be used to fertile

And produce farm land resulting from what was left of

The sediments.


Deserts are one of two types of

Dry climates. This one happens to be

One of the driest of the dry climates.

Usually there is a lot of strong hot sun out

In the deserts. In addition to this, when

there is wind it tends to move the sand up

into mountain shape cones.



Swamps are wetland areas that show

 permanent barrage of large areas of land

by shallow bodies of water. There are mainly two types of swamps. One

Is the true/forest swamp, and the other is the

Traditional/shrub swamp. Inside these swamps

The water can either be fresh, brackish, or seawater.



A Delta is when lots of sediment form

Where a stream enters a lake or an ocean.

As you can see above at the picture there is

Stream that enter s a bigger body of water.

They accumulate and join altogether, so they

can form something that looks like a tree,

with branches spread out like if they

were the rivers or streams.


Beaches and Barrier Islands are low

Ridges of sand that meet parallel at the

Coast. As you see above in the picture

There is the coastal line that separated

The ocean and then the sand.


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