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Why is the bible so valuable to them (kill our Children) What was it that made them Value the Bible? What made them so Desperate for the Word?

1. Romans 1:16


2. They have seen the power of God a. as we are in death row the giver of life burst in to free us! and to give us life in Him!


3. Genesis 1:1-3


a. Apart from God: Empty, Black, Darkness,no form, with Nothing!


b. In Christ: Life Giving Light! (Light of the World!)


4. 2 Corinthians 4:1-6


a. Before we knew God we were all dead in darkness, in Darkness.


b. Who's being blinded? those who are perishing


c. Who does the Father reveal with His word? V. 6 Jesus Christ (the lamb of God, the life giving light!)


d. God's word is not a constraining thing it is a Liberation thing!


e. The bringer of joy! the Giver of Life invites you!

What are some ways to help us understand that the bible is life giving?
1. It compares the word of God to food

2. Israelites came out of Egypt(slavery) God feed them with bread from heaven!

a. Deut. 8:3

b. Psalm 19

c. John 6:35

3. Salvation/ Sustenance/ Satisfaction travel is from above to us and above.

a. Ultimately we are sent the Son, as the bread! who feeds us and sustains us in our journey to glory.

4. Now if we get that that is so liberating! If we see the word of God like that!

a. its the word of God that brings new life into being!

b. Martin Luther: I simply preached the gospel!
How is the word of God a two edged sword?

1. Heb. 4:!2 a. Word of God not only life giving b. but also death dealing


2. Judges 3:14-30


a. Story of Eglon (Corrupt ruler whose been slaving the israelites)


b. Ehud: came with the Word of God


c. A champion who slays the corrupt ruler, who exposes the dung and also liberates!


d. Result: the Land has rest!


3. Two Edged Sword: Delivering people from false gods & tyranny


a. It gives judgement to the wicked & Brings rest to the land


4. This is us dying in our own Sin!


a. But then the word of God came to give us rest!


b. The Sword: Pierces through the thoughts, Intentions of our hearts and inner most being.


c. Exposing us for what we really are! d. It cuts through our pride, and our deepest sins, cuts through all of that! e. Let it Cut! It will free you from Idols


d. Idols are cruel, The Word of God will free us to eternal rest in Him!


5. We are not left in our Exposure and death.


a. Christ has came to set the captives free and give rest to the people!


6. As we are in darkness (Death) we are brough to light (Life). As we are left hungry in the wilderness we are sustained by our provider. and as we are enslaved by sin we have been liberated by the blood of Christ. 


a. Your position as a Christian is a Child, The Father's Children in Christ our Brother! :) 


#1 True Theology smashing and destroying Idols in our minds, hearts and replacing them with Jesus Christ V.26


a. Judges 6:24-26


b. Word of God revealed to little Children! (Deut. 6:6 & Matt. 11:24)


c. To be human is to be a theologian: we all have our ultimate desires and affections! 


#2 Enjoying the Trinity! 


a. What was God doing before creation (John 17:24) --


b. most profound truth you can say about the God of the Bible!: Is not Ruler but a Father Loving His son! 


c. Why is it important to ask Which God do you serve rather than do you believe in God? There are millions of gods out there (Allah and buddah) and The triune Living God! 


d. Single person God a dictator in the Sky!! because for eternity he/she has no one to love! 


e. With the trinity we get a God who is Love! (John 17:24


f. As a result as we are united in Christ we a get a God who is affectionate and loving towards His Children!



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