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Collins     1-10     Panem


  • Katniss who was introduced in the beginning
  • She has aa younger sister
  • She lost her father at the age 11, during the coal mine explosion
  • She had to take care of her mother and sister because her mother was in a deep depressed stage
  • She began to hunt ouside of district 12 where her father taught her how to hunt.
  •  She sells the meat she hunts to the peacekeepers who enforces the Laws
  • She and Gale, a fclose friend of hers, hunt together sometimes; they trade or sell food to the black market known as the Hob, for bread or salt.
  • Also it states that once a child has reach between the ages 12-18 the must sign up for the reaping, and if they wanted their name entered again for exchange for the tessera.
  • The tessera is a contract to exchange your name multiple times for oil or grain.

Collins     1-10   Panem

  • Peeta and Katniss meets the drunk Haymitch
  • While on the train she remembers about peeta father giving her some cookies he made for goodluck.
  • She also remembers her mother having a book on plants that helps her find the ones for healing, some that are edible, and others that cant be use for any.
  • Describes her going into the woods for the first time after her dad passed away and going fishing in a pond. 
  • She dug up some roots, that edible, from the bottom of the pond and took them home to eat along with the fish she had caught.
  • Katniss never forgave her mother for her weakness while she was out taking care of them and finding food for them.
  • Peeta slaps the glass from haymitch's hand because he wasnt giving no advice to him, all he was doing was drinking alot.
  • Haymitch punches him and Katniss stabs a knife through his hand and the liquor bottle he was drinking.
  • Haymitch woders if he's got fighter this and he asks Katniss what else can she do with a knife and she pulls it out of the table and throws it skillfully into the wall.
  • The train finally arrives at the capitol; Peeta and Katniss are amazed by the granduer and the strangeness of it.
  • Katniss meets her stylist Cina
  • He customizes their district with a suit that is relatable to coal and it will burn while they have it on.
  • Cina calls Katniss the Girl on Fire.
  • They are escorted to the main plaza before a huge audience first.
  • Before they go, Cina tells the to hold hands and he lights up there suites with firey flames.
  • A red headed Avox girl appears and Katniss says she knows her , but effie snaps at her about knowing Avoxs girls. Peeta stands up for Katniss.
  • Effie tells them to go to bed because their training starts in the morning,
  • Katniss and Peeta went to the roof so noone can hear them talk and on the roof, it has electrical fences put up so no tributes can jump.
  • While there, Katniss tells Peeta that her and Gale were in the woods and they saw the same girls and a boy running in terror form a hovercraft and it had captured the girl in a net and shot the boy with a spear that had a cable net to it and hauled him up to the hovercraft to.

Collins     1-10  Panem

  • First day of training, all 24 tributes will train with one another til the final day, then they will have to go one by one to show their skills to the official gamemakers.
  • Peeta and Katniss trains together.
  • Peeta tells Katniss that his mother called her a survivor.
  • Katniss and Peeta seperate themselves from the other tributes.
  • They learn other skills and knots instead of grabbing deadly weapons first.
  • They notice a girl from District 11 named Rue , who has been watching them in training.
  • The time for the private session for the Gamemakers and Katniss is the last to go, she go and grabs the bow.
  • She takes a few practice shots then she shot very impressively, but noone notice it, they were focused on the roasted pig.
  •  She becomes furious and shoot the arrow towards the game makers and it hits the apple in the pig's mouth. Then she walks out.
  • The scores were in and she scores the highest of all the tributes.
  • Peeta asked to be coached seperately.
  • Effie makes katniss wear high heels, corrects her posture, and always smile.
  • Cina puts Katniss in a dress full of jewels and it feels up with flames for her to make a great impression.

Collins     1-10  Panem


  • Peeta expresses his love for Katniss in his interview.
  • Katniss charges at him and made him cut his hand.
  • Haymitch and Effie explains to Katniss why peeta did that and she apologizes.
  • Haymitch tells Peeta and Katniss to run when they get in the arena because they arent ready for the bloodbath yet.
  • The tirbutes must wait 60 seconds before they are released.
  • Katniss and a boy competes for a orange bag.
  • Several tributes already lay dead on the ground.
  • 11 cannon shots already sounds for the death nof the tributes.
  •  Peeta joins some of the carreer so they dont kill him off yet.
  • She is dehydrated, but she finds a small pond to rehydrate herself.
  • In the middle of the night, se is woken by a huge fire thats moving right towards her.



Collins     1-10  Panem

  • She knows the fire was created by the gamemakers.
  • As she was recoveriong from a huge cluster of smoke, a huge fireball appeared out of nowhere towards her.
  • She was grazed by a fireball and finds a nearby pond to help smooth the burns.
  • As she was getting out of the pond, she hears footsteps and realize it was the five carreers.
  • Cato begins to climb the tree first but doesnt succeed.
  • Next up was a girl named Glimmer and she stops not far from the ground, then she pulls out a bow and arrow and shoots it at Katniss, but it misses her.
  • So the Careers wait out at the bottom for her to come down.
  • As Katniss started making her bed, she spots Ryue who as been watching her and she points to something that astonishes Katniss.
  • Katniss sees that Rue was pointing to a Wasp nest known as tracker jackers.

Collins     1-10  Panem

  • The tracker jackers were created from the gamemakers.
  • Katniss thinks that dropping them on the careers, she can escape.
  • She saws he branch off to keep from avoiding the wasp from stinging and killing her.
  • She waits til the morning to finish sawing the branch and to her amazement, she gets a gift from Haymitchand its a burn ointment.
  • Once she puts the ointment on she fell asleep, once themorning hit, she see that her burns have healed up.
  • She alerts to Rue and drops the nest on the careers.
  • Rue moves by jumping from tree to tree.
  • Katniss gets stung a few times as she saws the branch off.
  • Peeta tells Katniss to run before cato comes and she collapses in a hole.

Collins     1-10  Panem

  • Katniss awokes to find out that she been asleep for a day or two and she realizes that Peeta saved her life.
  • She finally realizes that she can compete in the games and she goes searching for the water.
  • Katniss asked Rue to be her ally, and in return Rue removes the venom from Katniss wounds and Katniss invites her to eat with her.
  • Rue tells Katniss about District 11 and how they are an agricultural business and that they get whip and all that stuff if they get caught.
  • They begin to lay out their equipment.
  • Rue tells Katniss alot about what she needs to know what to take into  the inventory.
  • Rue tells Katniss that Peeta is no longer with the careers, that she been spying on them by the lake.

Collins     1-10  Panem

  • Katniss sits and thinks of a way to destroy the careers supplies.
  • Katniss gets all the information out of Rue while she can about the careers.
  • Katniss learns that Rue is the oldest of six children and loves music.
  • Rue builds three seperate campfires to seperate the careers.
  • Katniss uses her arrows to set off the booby-trap that was set and was blown off her feet.
  • Cato is furious and snaps the boy from District 3 neck.
  • Katniss sense that something was wrong that she couldn't contact Rue.
  • She finds Rue tied up in a net and a boy from Disrtict 1 threw a spear thew Rue.
  • She covers Rue's body as she finish singing to her.

Collins     1-10  Panem

  • Katniss finds Peeta lying on the ground camoflouge.
  • Katniss kisses Peeta.
  • As she steps outside Haymitch sends here a gift.
  • Katniss tells him the story of how she got Prim a goat.
  • Claudius Templesmith declares a feast and a backpack waiting with something the each needed badly.
  • Haymitch sends a sleeping syrup to knock Peeta out so that katniss can go retrieve the backpack and the feast.
  • Clove runs a knife by Katniss's forehead and just as she was about to cut her, Thresh crushes her head with a rock.
  • Katniss explains to Thresh why Clove called her and Rue allys and he said he will let her live for now.
  • The President announces that there can be two victors from the same district.
  • Katniss and Peeta run into the redheaded girl, she was dead from eating poison berries.

Collins     1-10  Panem

  • The President of the capitol changes his mind about having two victors.
  • Strange creatures appeared chasing Katniss and Peeta as they were trying to leave the woods.
  • Katniss noticed the creatures were muttations made from the capitol.
  • The creatures were made like wolves but walk upright like a human.
  • Katniss and Peeta climbs on top of the Cornucopia from the creatures.
  • As they where getting on top, Katniss notice that the creatures where some of the fallen tributes.
  • As they reach they top, Cato grabs Peeta by the throat trying to kill them.
  • Finally Katniss shoots Cato in the hand giving Peeta an opportunity to throw him off the Cornucopia where the creatures can attack him.
  • Katniss and Peeta were announced the final two victors of the annual Hunger Games.
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