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How do I sync my mobile device with my online account?

You can sync on your mobile device both ways, from mobile device to online account or online account to mobile device.

  1. Click on the settings button in the lower right hand corner.
  2. Make sure that you're logged into your account, if not click on the "Sign In / Sign Up" button.
  3. Under the "Sync with" heading click on the "Download" or "Upload" button.
  4. Check the sets that you want to download/upload and click the respective "Download/Upload" button in the upper right hand corner.

Please note: Any downloading/uploading between the online account and your mobile device will overwrite the content at the destination.

E.g. if you upload a set from the mobile device to your online account then all of the content for the online set will be overwritten by what's on the mobile device.

Vice versa, if you download from your online account to the mobile device all content for the set on the mobile device will be overwritten.

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