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Great Lakes
All the Great Lakes of North America
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5th Grade

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Lake Erie
Inflow is from the Detroit River, and the outflow is the Niagra river. Lake Erie is the 4th largest lake of the Great Lakes. It's the 10th global largest lake, but it has the smallest volume of the Great Lakes. it is bounded on the north by Lake Ontario, on the south by Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, and on the West by Michigan. The outflow provides Hydro electric power to Canada and the U.S as it spins turbines at Niagra Falls.
Lake Huron

The lowest lake in height, but the second largest of the great lakes.. It is a Glacial lake. Water comes from St. Marys river. The outflow makes up the St. Clare river. It is the easterly portion of Lake Michigan. The east side border is Canada, and the west side is Michigan.

Lake Michigan

One of the only Great Lakes that is located entirely within U.S. It is the second largest Great Lake by volume. The lake is connected with Lake Huron by straits of Mackinac. Bounded by west to east by Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Michigan means Great Water.


Lake Ontario

Inflow is the Niagra river. The outflow is the St. Lawrence river. It is bounded on the north and southwest by Canada, and the south by New York. Ontario means "Lake of shining waters". It's one of the only Great Lakes that isn't bordered by Michigan.

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