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God's Vision is Eternal
Based on a sermon for 2 Peter 3:11-14 and 1:1-4
Religious Studies
Undergraduate 2

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It's Difficult to Keep an Heavenly focus to life

  1. Easy to act as if Heaven doesn't matter
  2. We can get swamped by stress, finances, sour relationships
  3. We can trust an eternal vision because Jesus rose from the dead
  4. C.S. Lewis quote


God give us eternal vision and its resultant life

  1. Joseph Stowell quote regarding the disciples
  2. Read 2 Peter 3:11-14
  3. Seems like law--especially word "ought"
  4. Read 2 Peter 1:1-4
  5. Ought conveys meaning of Dr. Rahman telling us what kids should be or OUGHT to be doing

God Eternal Vision makes us HOLY & GODLY

  1. Holy--unique, distinct, outward good character and works; an action word
  2. Godly lives--refers to one's attitude, eusebia, to worship well, ruled by the heart
  3. We actually "speed the day's coming" 
  4. Randy Alcorn quote regarding wedding and the changes heaven makes

God's Eternal Vision gives us Expectancy

  1. Peter 3x tells us to be "looking forward" (prospero is in present tense and indicates it is one's life-style)
  2. We look forward to the "day of God"
  3. We look forward to a "new heaven & earth"
  4. We look forward to "the home of righteousness.

God's Eternal Vision Motivates us to be more Christ-like

  1. God wants us to be bright lights
  2. Spotless=clean on the outside
  3. Blameless=of good character, no shame or guilt
  4. God still empowers these efforts through HIs Word and Sacraments that offer us "Peace" (Our condition because of our justification brought about by Jesus.

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